Sunday 15 July 2012

SheSaid Beauty Box | July 2012

It feels like only two weeks ago I was writing about the June box from SheSaid Beauty, in fact, I'm positive it hasn't been a full month since the last box. Oh well, who's complaining?!

This was only my second box and again I was not disappointed, although I'm unsure if I was particularly thrilled either. Read on to find out why.


Miners Cosmetics - Bronzer and Blusher Blend
First up is just a simple, straight forward bronzer/blusher full size product which retails at £4.99. I received this in the shade 'Sun Blushed' and I'm unsure if there was any variation in shades throughout the boxes, but this claims to give 'a complimentary blend of bronze and pink that leaves skin with a gorgeous sun blushed glow' giving a rosy colour with a bronzed base. Sounds okay, yeah? It is a nice little compact product to be able to swirl together and give a flush of colour to the cheeks, but it by no means excited me and is nothing special - just ended up being thrown in a drawn amongst an array of other bronzer/blushers. Nice to get a full sized product though.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company - Vintage Eyelash Curler
Another full sized product which costs £7.00 and does exactly what it says on the tin: curls your eyelashes. They came packaged in a pretty little box and these are a product that I find handy to have, something I always use when applying falsies. My previous curlers were a cheapo pair that probably cost not much more that 99p so these will be a nice addition to my make-up tools and they are good quality.

Murad - Time Release Blemish Cleanser
When the SheSaid Beauty website released a 'sneak peek' of what could be available in the boxes, this Murad product caught my eye and I knew I'd be disappointed if it was not something I received in my box. I'm a huge fan of the Murad range, as pricey as it is, and I'm currently using their full Acne Solutions skincare range morning and night as I suffer with horrendous breakouts! *sad face*. This product is technically speaking an 'anti-aging' based blemish cleanser, so will target fine lines and wrinkles too, but it the blemish  fighting properties that I am interested in. I find this range incredible and would highly recommend it to anybody (problem skin or not), and SheSaid offers an exclusive discount of 33% on this product when using the code: SHESAID, so go try it out! It was full sized version received in the box of 30ml which costs £5.50, and larger 200ml bottles are also available for £29.00.

Stylefile - S-file
In case you wondered, this product was actually designed by The Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau, something that I found interesting as I am a huuge fan of The Apprentice. This is another full sized product and would cost you £4.49. Personally, I already own a nail file in this same 'S' style design so probably won't get much use out of this one, but they are fantastic! So much better and easier to use than a regular straight lined nail fine. If this wasn't something that I already owned then I'd be over the moon and discovering a product this good.

Freeze 24-7 - Ice Crystals Anti-Aging Prep & Polish
Another anti-aging based product ...I'm only 19!! I haven't had the opportunity to try this out at all yet, but the product came in a little sachet, probably enough for just the one use, which I don't think is enough to get a good idea of whether or not the product is suited for you. I am actually very excited to try this out, it sounds amazing: 'a powerful resurfacing cocktail that retextures and refinishes skin for a vibrant and fresh new glow' - Ooooo! Quite a pricey product though, would cost you £35.00 for a full sized 70g.

As an extra little bonus in the box there was also a Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card to collect points online and in store. So, what do you think of the contents of this box? FOUR full sized products which add up to a total value of almost £22.00, making the £11.95 box good value for money, but are any of the products thrilling and ground breaking? Have any of them been good enough for me to buy them for myself again or in full size? Hmm, probably not!

If you're interested in subscribing to SheSaid Beauty Boxes then you could check out my review of their June Box here to see how great the products are, and click here to go to their website and subscribe.


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  1. I want to try the Time Release Blemish Cleanser! great blog:)


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