Saturday 11 August 2012

Payday Treats! | Haul

Hurray for payday!! I feel I've worked very hard this month and deserved my shiny pay cheque. Although I'm saving the vast majority of it for university funds in September, I couldn't go without self-rewarding myself with a few little bits and pieces. So these are some of the things that I have treated myself to through the week, most of them being online orders.

Mac Lipsticks

I did a longer post/review on these two beauties a few days ago which you can check out HERE. I got the shades 'Lustering' and 'Vegas Volt', and I am absolutely loving Vegas Volt right now and wish it was a shade that I could pull off for day-to-day wear, but it is a very bright and bold shade and I'm just not that brave.
Please note: This is a picture I uploaded to Instagram and a filter has been used on it so does not show the true shades. For better pictures and swatches please view the post linked above. :)

ASOS Clothes

I have also done quite a lengthy haul post on the orders that I made from ASOS recently, definitely not helped by their amazing and overly tempting sale that they have on at the moment! I got: 1 necklace, 2 skirts, 2 playsuits, and 4 dresses. If you would like to take a closer look at what I ordered then take a look at my haul post HERE.

Accessory Stand Necklace

This was a purchase that was inspired by an OOTD post done by Steph over at Bonjour Belle (LINK). Steph writes a fabulous fashion and beauty blog and also does reasonably priced web designs. (She designed and installed my new layout so if you like it and fancy your own here is the link to her design shop: link). Her blog is definitely one of my favourites so I would recommend that you check it out. If you would like to see the exact OOTD post that I am referring to then I have linked it HERE and when I saw it I absolutely fell in love with the necklace that she was wearing and just had to have it for myself. The 'Ora Necklace' is available from a site called The Accessory Stand in both silver and gold and is just £7.99 with £1.50 for delivery and you can pay through PayPal. The Accessory Stand is a lovely little site with a range of adorable and reasonably priced jewellery and accessories. My order arrived super quick even came with a complimentary cross ring which I thought was very nice of them! Will definitely be ordering from them again.


Pandora Charms

I picked myself up two Pandora charms from the JohnGreed website to add to the collection on my bracelet. I used to think that charms would never be something that I would buy for myself and they are only the sort of thing you would receive as a present to give them some kind of sentimental value. But the alpha 'M' charm that I got does have sentimental value as it is a reminder of my recent holiday to Marbella with my boyfriend. We took a day trip out to Torremolinos to visit the water park and we wandered past a jewellery store that sold Pandora. We just windowed shopped and I noticed the alpha charms and just teased 'Ooo you should get me that 'M' to remind me of this holiday forever' and he said that if we'd brought more money with us out on our day trip then he would've got me it, how sweet. But since then it was completely forgotten about and I just thought 'oh well I'll buy it myself and pretend it was from him' ;). I threw in the heart spacer too because I thought it was pretty and was only £15.00. The 'M' charm was £30.00.

Primark Blazer

I've been wanting a blazer for ages and ages because they can really transform an outfit and are an item that should be in every wardrobe - I can't believe I have gone for so long without one! But I've searched in Topshop, River Island, H&M etc etc and just never fallen in love with one where the style suited and I felt that the price was appropriate. So one day when I visited Preston for the day to hand back in my keys to my university halls we walked past Primark and I spotted various blazers on the mannequins in the window and I felt silly for never checking there in the past! They had various colours, ranging from pastels such as mint green, baby pink and lilac, to the standard black, grey and cream. I opted for the black and it cost me just £15.00. I really like the fit and the style, it has no buttons and no pockets (I would've preferred a pocket or two), and also has a cream lining so that if you choose to turn up the sleeves then there is a colour contract on the cuffs. All in all, a fantastic bargain jacket for just £15!

This is me very awkwardly attempting to take a picture of the cuff to show the colour contrast when it's upturned!

Aaaaand that's it for my treats this week!
Do you love to treat yourself on pay day? Or do you treat yourself all the time? ;) 



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