Wednesday 4 September 2013

John Frieda Frizz Ease Range

Taking a little time out from my most recent hair care loves (L'Oreal EverStrong and EverSleek), I've been having a little test and trial of some John Frieda Frizz Ease products*. For somebody whose main hair concern happens to be uncontrollable frizz, I do question why I have never tried anything from this line by Mr Frieda before. Really, I don't know why. I was kindly offered three products from their line to try: Straight Ahead Shampoo, Straight Ahead Conditioner and Dream Curls Enhancing Oil.

The idea behind these products is that they can be used for transforming frizzy locks to smooth waves. Well, you know what - I thought I'd go one up and instead of just telling you how these products changed my hair, I would instead show you. Brownie points for Cosmetic Crave? (You have to brace yourself for the upcoming photos though because I'm only wearing mascara and have sore lips - give a girl a break!)

Okay, so we don't need to go into the reasons why I only have nail varnish on one hand, just roll with it. Soo, first off here we have me grinning like a cheese ball with freshly washed hair holding the Frizz Ease shampoo and conditioner. Next, I detangled my hair with my Denman D6 Shower Brush, and applied a tiny amount of Ojon Rare Blend Oil through the mid-lengths and ends - this oil contains thermal defence properties and also adds a boost of shine and health to the hair (along with a whole host of other great qualities; you can read my review if you're interested).  

Honestly, if I don't laugh at these pictures of myself then I'll cry. The first one looks like the world will end if I dare crack a smile, and the second one looks like I'm doing a sexy/gormless lip bite?! Haa, I don't know what's going on. But you are allowed to laugh at me - it's okay. Moving on, I shook up the two part Dream Curls Enhancing Oil, as it has a shake to activate formula, and I applied the guided amount of 10 drops into the palm of my hair before massaging through my hair. I really liked the consistency of this oil, it was light and not at all sticky so it pretty much felt invisible once it was in my hair. Whether it did much else or not, I can't be too sure. 

Now let's dry this mop! I'm no salon blowdrying pro and I don't have any particular technique for drying my hair - I don't even have a diffuser. I just sort of blast air around on the cool setting until things look dry.. I'm such a professional, I know.

Now, the interesting part: the result. Below is a double picture of my mane when it has been freshly blowdried. I have to be brutally honest and say that I'm not very overwhelmed by the results. I have said that I do have frizzy hair naturally, and I don't have the best blowdrying technique, but I can say that I have had far better results after using a different brand of hair care before

I didn't give up and I reached for a pair of flat iron GHDs (something that hasn't touched my hair for over 9 months!!) and I gave them a quick run over my hair, before remembering that I look like a pea head weirdo with polka straight hair, so changed my mind and wiggled them about a bit to create some loose curls and soft waves. The end result isn't too bad actually, but I don't use heat tools on my hair usually (apart from the cool setting on a hair dryer), so I'd prefer something that left my hair 'good to go' without the need for heat styling. Personal preference!

I am really sorry to say this, but I'm just not glowing with enthusiasm for this range. I don't feel negatively towards it at all, because it is far from awful and I would continue to use the shampoo and conditioner from time to time. I just feel quite indifferent towards the quality of these and feel there's others that I'd have better frizz maintenance results with. Sorry John Frieda!

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* (c/o) John Frieda / Forward 3D PR
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  1. Thanks for the really honest review :)
    It's too easy to think that a product will be awesome just because it's produced by a really popular brand.

  2. Wonderful review. Love the pictures.

  3. you have such pretty eyes and gorgeous hair! great review and very honest!

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

  4. I absolutely love this range, however I have an insane mop of curls on my head and use all of the curl products instead so that might be why! I suppose what works for one won't for another, it's best to stick to what you find works best for your hair rather than having to damage it with heat every time!x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  5. I agree, I do find that it isn't the best for frizz control but I love the fragrance of them haha! xx

  6. I love that you have the same hair drying technique as me! I just can never be bothered to dry my hair section, by section. I've got better things to do with my time (like reading beauty blogs!). I've tried Frizz Ease in the past, but have always felt quite indifferent to it. Have never hated it, but never loved it enough to purchase on a regular basis.


  7. Your hair looks great after blow-drying with no diffuser, mine would be a hot mess!! You should try a diffuser and roundbrush, you wouldn't know yourself :)

  8. Thanks for the honest review! I have to say I love their intensive conditioning masque, perhaps give that a try. It really softens and smoothes my ends xx

  9. Amazing review love the sound of these I have used John Frieda before and feel its worth the money :D xx


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