Tuesday 13 November 2012

Beauty Essential #1: Sudocrem

Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream 125g £2.75
It's undeniable that Sudocrem is a popular household product, and I assume that everybody reading this has used Sudocrem at some point or another in their life, whether it's when you were a baby and you had it smeared all over your botty, or in later life for one of it's many other purposes, but how many of you would regard it as a beauty essential and could not be without it and it's wonders?
If you want to know an interesting little fact about Sudocrem then when I Googled it to find out what the average price of it is for reference in this blog post, what came up from my search was a little article from back in March by The Daily Mail titled 'The Latest Beauty Must Have? A £2.75 Tub Of Nappy Rash Cream?' and yes - The Daily Mail is correct, this tub of 'nappy rash cream' is indeed a beauty must-have. Apparently, according to this article, Superdrug's sales of this little tub have risen over 150% since February 2011 which is quite astonishing really ..perhaps it's due to it's guest appearance on an episode of TOWIE? Or maybe just more down to the fact that it's a brilliant, bargain buy that has more than just a few multi-purpose functions and does the the same, if not better, job than many other different products that are out there on the shelves right now.
One tub of this will last literally years; we had the same one tub of this floating around our house for about 20 years before it finally just went missing one day and it's not like it wasn't regularly used! This stuff will go on forever and I'm sure you could cover your whole body head to toe in a white smear several times and not even make a dint in the tub; when I say that 'a little goes a long way' I mean it to the absolute extreme.
This little gem has especially been brought to my attention recently because my boyfriend, my mum and I have all broken out in a nasty looking rash spreading over our arms, chest and my boyfriend has it pretty bad on his face (just incase it's contagious I've not been to uni today ..tehe) and in attempt to soothe the itching and resist scratting away at it we've been slathering on the Sudocrem and it's really helped to reduce redness and irration and calm the area as it is a natural antiseptic. It doesn't really ever sink into the skin, it sits on the surface until rubbed away and it definitely cannot be washed off the face or hands just with warm water, a gentle cleanser or soap will be required for removal.
I've noticed that the packaging has changed on Sudocream ever so slightly with regards to its list of uses; my previous tub only listed 'nappy rash, eczema and bed sores' as problems that it is perfect for giving a helping hand to, but more recent packages have a broader list of uses which include the likes of 'surface wounds' and more importantly 'acne'. We won't get into it but trust me when I say I've had a lot of experience with acne in my life, enough to know that a blob of £2 cream from a supemarket isn't going to be the answer to your woes and Sudocrem have used incorrect terminology in this situation. 'Acne' is an internal problem originating from hormones and no matter how expensive they are topical treatments (creams/lotions) will not be much use to you. What Sudocream should have instead said that it's good for is your average, everyday, run of the mill spots and pimples; the kind that everybody gets from time to time. This product is a favouite spot cream of Cheryl Cole's, and also mine, and really works as an overnight treatment applied directly onto the affected area. It's an extremely fast working process and dramatic results can be noted in the morning with huge reductions in redness and inflammation. This is one of my very favourite spot treatments despite it's lack of subtlety and Sudocrem should definitely take onboard some of the tweets I've seen about how 'skin coloured Sudocrem would be perfect!'.
I found this 30g travel sized tube of Sudocrem the other week in Home Bargains and thought that it was brilliant. It was between £1-£2 (sorry that I can't remember exactly how much it cost) and compared to the amount of product that you get - 30g instead of 125g - it isn't exactly great value for money but it does have the conveniance factor! I've got long nails so digging about into a tub isn't always ideal for me as the cream gets stuck underneath my nails (eugh) so being able to dispense from a squeezey tube is so much easier and also a lot more hygienic too, it's just not as easy to come by in this form of packaging; Home Bargains is the only place I have spotted it but keep your eyes peeled for it as you never know when you might really need a little splodge of this. Everyone should have a tub or a tube somewhere in their home!
Is Sudocrem a must-have beauty essential for you too?


  1. I love Sudocrem, it's great for spots. Did you know the tube isn't antiseptic?

  2. I've been using sudocrem for absolute years. I always use it on spots, somehow does the trick. Holy grail product!


  3. I wouldn't be able to live without sudocream haha

  4. Ive never found a product that has as many uses as sudocrem haha :)


  5. its a running joke in our house that my response to almost any injury/spot/cut/scrape/rash etc is to put some Sudocrem on it!!!!!


  6. Weirdly love the smell of Sudocrem.

    www.jennadoesbeauty.blogspot.co.uk x

  7. yes! sudocrem is my little miracle maker!

  8. I bloomin' love Sudocrem, have just popped some on my skin now before I go to bed. It is so cheap yet so effective :)


  9. @Beth Bradley Oh my gosh!! I looked at the tube and can't believe I didn't realise that it doesn't say 'antiseptic' anywhere on there - that's no use! x

  10. @charissa Same! I've had it is as a regular product for nearly 20 years! Definitely holy grail :) x

  11. @Megan Gelderd I know, it's amazing for so many things! Sudocrem will always be the answer x

  12. @Helen Louise Absolutely! Can't believe how many can't live without this stuff ahah x

  13. @Nicole Moseley Haha, I can understand! I'm the same, any little mark or break in the skin and Sudocrem will always be the answer! x

  14. @Charlee Greenhalgh I think I'll be repurchasing it forever, does so many good things for your skin :) x


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