Tuesday 15 January 2013

Argan Oil Hair Trio | Lee Stafford Gift Set

Hi guys! This set is one that I received for Christmas from my mum which was very lovely of her as she knows how much I love my hair care, and Lee Stafford is a winning brand in my eyes. This set contains three full sized products from the Argan Oil from Morocco line by Lee Stafford, including the Nourishing Miracle Oil, the Miracle Heat Defence Spray, and the Deep Nourishing Treatment. I had seen this set before and it actually featured on one of my wishlists back in November so I know that it did cost £25.00 but in the post-Christmas sales it was reduced to £12.50!! £12.50 is more than just a bargain for this set because if each of the items were purchased individually they would be worth £40! Amazing! Unfortunately, this set no longer appears to be on Boots website so I imagine that it has sold out because of the amazing value.

Nourishing Miracle Oil
50ml £11.99 - link

I know it must seem like I say that I adore every single oil that I review and that all of them seem to be my favourite, but I really do mean it about this one! It's not my number one favourite, because that spot is still being held by the Babyliss Pro Argan Oil (my review - link), but this little one has snuggled its way into second place ahead of the L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil (my review - link). This is one of the few oils that I find I can use on dry hair without it overloading my hair and making it greasy. It's more along the lines of a serum really and I use it as a 'finishing product' to run through the ends to make them smooth, soft and shiny. It's lightweight but still deeply nourishing and doesn't leave any stickiness on the hair strands. I love it!

Miracle Heat Defence Spray
200ml £12.99 - link
I'll admit that I'm not really one for using much heat on my hair, but if I do then I always make sure that it's well protected to prevent any further damage to my already distressed locks. This product hasn't had a huge amount of use, and I don't find that heat defence products are ones that you can really tell whether they are working or not.. because how can I tell whether my hair has been protected from the heat by it? I don't know if it's just me that feels that, but anyway this smells really nice and it doesn't leave the hair sticky or weighed down with any product, and I love the sense of security when using this that my hair isn't going to be totally traumatised from having a pair of hot irons run all over it!

Deep Nourishing Treatment
200ml £14.99 - link
My favourite product from the set is this absolutely amazing, super softening hair mask! I've been a top fan and loyal repurchaser of Lee Stafford's hair growth treatment mask for it's conditioning properties (my review - link), but this mask just blows it out of the water in terms of intensity. After using this it felt like I had new hair all over again! I have a feeling that this could take a place as being one of my 'holy grail' hair saviour, despite it being steeply priced for a drugstore conditioning mask. I've been using this once a week since Christmas (so not a lot), but I've fallen in love and always look forward to using this because of the strands of silk that end up on top of my head after use (haha!). If you enjoy deep conditioning masks and have a bit of cash to splash then go out and get this! Definite stand out product from the set.

Overall, I am overjoyed that I received this set as a present and have loved using all of the products within it. They are all ones that I will be able to get regular use from (the heat defence the least, only because I don't use much heat), and the mask is one that I know I will repurchase on it's own!

Have you ever tried any of these from Lee Stafford's Argan Oil Range?


  1. what a nice set, shame it's sold out! Although I'd happily pay full price for it, will have too keep an eye on the Boots website :) x

  2. What a lovely post :) to be honest ive never tried any of lee staffords haircare but im open to trying new products and you have tempted me to have a whirl at them :)

    Love Emily xx


  3. Going to the shops tomorrow to see if there's any left..this is such amazing value!!
    Lovefromsammie.blogspot.com xo

  4. These products all sound so good! xx


  5. I love the packaging of this product!
    I love oils so now you've made me want to try the l'oreal one and this one!


  6. I use the Argan Oil conditioner from this range and it is honestly AMAZING! Best conditioner I have used in ages! Definitely recommend you try it if you like the range! :)

    The deep noroushing treatment looks fab, definitely want to try that!


  7. They all sound really nice but would like to try the treatment as im yet to find a really good hair treatment :)


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    you want to follow eacht other via gfc (and maybe bloglovin) ?

    i would be very happy.

    lovely greetings, lucia


  9. Great review!



  10. i tried this stuff and i was so allergic to it - burned my hair off! booooo!

  11. Thanks for the review, I'm thinking of buying the treatment mask now!!


  12. I really want to try the Argan hair oil but i can never find it in shops. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  13. I have used the oil before and it is deeelicious! makes my hair unbelievably soft too. Much love, B. x


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