Thursday 3 January 2013

Love Lettuce | Lush Fresh Face Mask

Hello hello hello. 
I hope you have all enjoyed your first couple of days of 2013!
Towards the end of November and all the way through December my blog ended up being about 95% lifestyle orientated following a weekend in Liverpool, my birthday, Christmas, anniversary, new year, and the only posts featured inbetween were hauls, as I can't seem to shop for others without shopping for myself! Looking back I realise that I massively miss doing all my beauty features and reviews and absolutely cannot wait to start posting up some more product reviews - I have a list as long as my arm of things that I want to talk about, starting right now with Love Lettuce.

Love Lettuce is a fresh face mask that was part of my 'Great Big Box of Lush Goodies' (see the haul post here: link) that I ordered online at the beginning of December and these face masks cost £5.95 for 75g of product. I love how these are kept in the fridge to add extra refreshment and a cooling sensation to the face when they are applied, and the smell of this mask isn't overpowering as the only detectable scent is lavendar which is only faint, but is still very calming and relaxing ..although I have no idea why this is called 'Love Lettuce' when there is no lettuce mentioned at all on the ingredients list - curious?

This one includes an almost perfect combination of ingredients and multi-tasks to provide multiple benefits to the skin; firstly, all of the ingredients are natural and Lush products contain no chemicals which of course is good for the skin, then the clay aspects of this mask draw out of the impurities and the tiny almond shells buff and exfoliate away the dead skin cells on removal of the mask and the lavendar and almond oils soften and smooth the surface providing nourishment. It's almost like a cleanse, exfoliate and moisturiser all in one.

I can't compare this much to the other masks available from Lush as the only other fresh one I have tried is 'Cupcake' which is specifically targetted for oily/teenage skin and draws out the excess oils, which I personally prefer to Love Lettuce, as Love Lettuce leaves behind a slight residue on the skin - lavender and almond oils are ingredients in this mask - which although they are softening agents and helps to balance natural sebum production, it wasn't a feeling that I liked being left behind, although this is a matter of personal preference.
I really enjoyed using this but I just don't think that it is something I would rush out to buy again in the near future. The number one reason for this being that I felt I had to rush to use it all up before it went out of date, as I had less than 3 weeks of use and I'd prefer a longer lasting product (although this means more chemicals and less natural ingredients) to avoid waste. This mask does work out as being good value for money, because although it costs almost £6 I did manage to get 7 uses from it and as you can see below I have covered my whole face in a thick layer [there was enough product left for an 8th use but I forgot to put it back in the fridge and it was 3 days past it's 'best before' date.. and umm.. it had gone fluffy with mould - EW!].
I would prefer to use this mask on occasions when my skin really needed a boost as the exfoliating aspect of the mask worked really, really well and my skin was glowing after using this and felt so incredibly soft and smooth. It worked very well and I did feel that there were impressive short term benefits to my skin, the only downside being, as I mentioned above, I felt like I over did it a little bit by using it so often so as not to waste it. Maybe in the future I'll have to go halves with my sister and we can both use it, or Lush should consider making smaller tubs for half the price!
But, if you're interested in a fresh and all natural ingredients face mask to give your skin a little scrub up and a radiance boost, and if you have the time to use this enough to get your money's worth out of it, then Love Lettuce is one for you!
Heyyyyy Sexy Lady!

Look out for exciting future reviews this month, including another Lush product, an amazing hair oil, a couple of gift sets, Clinique chubby stick intense, Soap & Glory skin care, my January sales haul and a new series called 'Top 3 Tuesday'.


  1. this sound quite good but Ive got quite oily skin so would like to try the Cupcake mask! xxx

  2. I love the cupcake mask but its the only one i've tried! i might give this one a try next :) x

  3. This one sounds really good, I'm looking to orderd something from lush again soon. Might have to add this to the list!

  4. I've never tried this one before, I've tried Oatifix which was okay, but I'd like to try cupcake. I don't think I'd want to see a mask with mould on it, it would put me off for life!x

  5. Hi Hannah, Great review. I love the Love Lettuce face mask. I find it really helps to balance my skin and reduce some redness as well. My fav fresh face mask.

  6. ive not tried this mask. i love cupcake. i might give this one a whirl after this review.

    im holding a GIVEAWAY on my blog if anyone is interested.
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  7. I recently tried a few of the Lush face masks & felt like I needed to put it on everyday so I could use it up before it went out of date. I just share with my mom now so we don't throw too much product away xx

  8. Cool mask. I want it. LOL. My blog became a lifestyle blog too. I think that's just how it goes.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

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  10. This sounds nice i love Angels On Bare Skin aswell :)

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