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Who Ever Has Enough Nail Varnishes? | Summer Colours Haul

Could 16 new nail varnishes in one week be considered a little bit over the top? To some people, maybe the answer would be 'yes'. But for me, it's perfectly normal and acceptable. Everybody has those little things they like to treat themselves to.. whether it's a pint in the pub on a Saturday, a McDonalds meal on a Friday, or a Starbucks coffee on the way to work, it's those little indulgences that you don't 'need', but they make you happy. My indulgence, my treat, my 'thing that makes me happy' is buying myself a new bottle of nail varnish. Or a lipstick. Hmm, looking at my dressing table it would appear that I 'make myself happy' maybe a tad too often - oops! Here's a little break down of what shades have been added to my collection recently: 

(I ordered this from Boots online and it arrived filthy! - Yuck!)


Models Own
- Ice Neon Collection:
Toxic Apple, Luis Lemon, Pink Punch, Pukka Purple, Bubblegum and a Top Coat (not swatched)
It would be a lie for me to pretend that I bought these myself; I won them in a giveaway on The Love Cats Inc blog last week and I have already done a full post covering this collection that you can see here. The only one that I have worn so far is Luis Lemon that you can see on my nails in some of the pictures. I found it to be a little bit garish so I toned it down with a glitter gradient on top. (Also every time I look down at my nails it reminds me of the bright highlighter that has covered my revision notes and quotes from tort law just run screaming through my head - I need to take this off!)

- Hed Kandi Collection:
Hedonist and Bora Bora (new)
I've had my eye on Hedonist for what feels like a lifetime and it's the perfect summer colour! It's very similar to the shade Coral Reef but it's a lot more neon and it's super bright! It looks even more neon than some of the shades in the actually neon collection! It's love. Bora Bora is a newly released shade from Models Own and as soon as I saw Lily Melrose's swatches of this one I knew it had to be mine. Its a very densely packed glitter with super fine gold particles that would look gorgeous layered up on it's own, or as a top coat to another colour. 

- Scented Fruit Pastel Range:
Banana Split
A range that was released very shortly after the Ice Neon collection that sparked a big 'neon v pastel' debate was these novelty 'scented' varnishes. I'm definitely a neon girl, but I couldn't resist trying one of these.. but unfortunately I hate the colour of it; a really washed out pale yellow and I can't say it smells all that much like bananas either - such a let down!

Barry M
- Gelly Hi-Shine:
Blueberry, Papaya and Grapefruit
I'm convinced that Barry M are going to take over the world with these nail varnishes. No, really. They're so ridiculously popular it's crazy! But with good reason - they're only £3.99 / 2 for £6 and give the best coverage EVER - one coat for a super thick and opaque coverage over the nail with a super glossy finish and lasts for up to a week without chipping at all. Barry M are seriously onto a winner. Grapefruit could quite possibly be my favourite shade from this whole bundle - it. is. gorgeous.

Bold Blue, Lush Lilac, Pistachio Ice Cream and Amaretto Crush
These blatant rip offs of Essie's iconic packaging cost a measly £1.00 a bottle and come in some pretty cute colours with equally as adorable names. I found the colour pay off to be pretty sheer when I was creating this nail wheel and I found I needed about 4 coats to build up any sort of good coverage, but when they cost £1 are you going to moan about that? I'm going to give these a proper trial in the next few weeks and do a full post just dedicated to these so we can see if that £1 is really worth spending on these.


  1. Sooo jealous, I LOVE a good nail polish haul! I used to love scratch and sniff stickers when I was a kid so I'd totally be suckered in by polishes with scratch and sniff lids - too bad it doesn't smell that banana-ey. And Boots could have kept it clean! Meh! I prefer the pastels to the brights, tho I love brights on other people - the Essie's look so lovely.

  2. Oh my goodness, that is a lot of nail polish! Bubblegum, grapefruit and pistachio ice cream are gorgeous! x

  3. Wow 16 nail polishes in one week?! Thats my idea of heaven haha! All the colours your bought look so nice x

  4. Love Grapefruit from the gelly range and ive just purchased Pistachio ice cream from MUA such a pretty shade!

  5. I honestly thought they were Essie polishes!

  6. I can't believe how similar the MUA nail varnishes are to Essie!:O I'm obsessed with the Gelly Hi-Shines!:D xxx

  7. That is an epic haul! Love the neon yellow varnish on you. Amaretto Crush is gorgeous too x

    Curls and Swirls Beauty & Lifestyle

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  9. Sometimes you just gave to get a little bit nail polish crazy dontcha! I love all the colours you chose, my favourites are definitely the Models Own Luis Lemon and Muas Bold Blue, but all of them look lovely xx

  10. Wow! these nail polishes <3
    I'm deprived of Models Own ones! need to get them ASAP :D


  11. All so pretty!xxx

  12. 16 nail varnishes in a week is perfectly acceptable.. I'm the exact same!
    Can't beat a good haul haha. I love models own products x

  13. This is the dream! Love them, especially Lush Lilac and Bold Blue. I've never seen Model's Own in America, is that a strictly UK brand?

  14. Some seriously gorgeous colours there! Barry M blueberry and papaya are two of my favourites at the minute. xx

  15. I want them all!!! I especially love Pistachio Ice Cream and I've wanted a neon yellow polish for ages now!


  16. you are right! you never have enough nail polishes! I love the look kof the bright models own one especially the yellow!

  17. The Barry M and Essie polishes look absolutely gorgeous! x

  18. Wow you literally have the most amazing nail varnish collection ever! Such cool colours!

    I'm now a new follower :)
    Abi xxx

  19. I love all these shades, so summery and you could have one a day all summer ahah x

  20. hedonist is my favourite summer shade hands down, it's amazing! x

  21. I'm wearing Toxic Apple and whilst I love the idea of it, it makes me feel a bit ill looking at it. opps
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

  22. Wow lovely that's a lot of nail polishes! Loving all of them especially the Barry M Gelly's although I hate that they don't last very long. Especially loving 'Bubblegum' :) xxx

  23. You can never ever have enough polish..great haul!:)


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