Tuesday 11 September 2012

A Little Bit Of Primark Gold | Studded Scarf

Who doesn't love a little bit of a Primark shop for some well priced bargains?! 

Where I live at home we don't have a local Primark, our closest one is about an hour and 15 minutes away in the car and is in Preston, which also happens to be where I go to university at. On Sunday my mum drove us down to Preston for me to move into my new home for the next 9/10 months for my second year there, and while we were there we thought that we may as well make a full day trip out of it so we went for lunch and did some shopping too. I personally bought nothing at all for myself while we were in town as I know that now is not the time for me to be splashing out on the first thing that catches my eye in a shop - I need to get into super saver mode, resist all temptations and start being thrifty ..Challenge! 

But my mother on the other hand must have been feeling a little more flush as she was kind enough to pay for lunch, bought herself a new top from New Look, went mad in Pandora buying a £50 charm for herself and also one as a Christmas present for her friend (how organised?!), and then filled a basket in Primark too. But I suppose that every woman needs to treat themselves now and again and she doesn't go shopping very often at all, obviously making all of these purchases extremely justifiable.

Whilst we were in Primark I was admiring all of the new A/W stock that they've just starting getting in as I absolutely love shopping for clothes at this time of year - aaah chunky knits and layers! One thing that caught my eye was a knitted jumper in different shades of grey. Does anybody else stroke things if they think they look nice?? ..I know that sounds so weird but just if you see something and think 'ooh thats nice' *grab* *stroke* *walk away*. Nope? Just me? OK! Haha but anyyyway, when I 'stroked' this jumper I fell in love instantly - I have never ever felt anything so soft in my life! It's absolutely gorgeous material and not at all scratchy like some wooly jumpers can be. It was just £10 which I think is great for a jumper I feel I will be able to get a lot of casual wear out of and it's really warm too so my mum offered to buy it for me. How lovely! :) She even got a cream one for herself.

Then I spotted this little treasure amongst the accessories and it is essentially just a black cotton scarf but what I really love about it is the basic details of the gold studs on each end. Studs are supposed to be massive this A/W and this scarf is a great way to add just a hint of the trend into any outfit. I love scarves for accessorizing and totally transforming an outfit. This can add a little bit of edge to a girly dress or just the tiniest bit of bling to a plain and casual outfit. A great wardrobe staple for the season at only £4! Once again bought for me by my lovely mother - she's just too good to me.

How I wore it today (excuse the mess I'm supposed to be unpacking!)
I can't really call this a 'haul' at all as there's only two items, but that's all I've found myself in Primark recently. Have you found yourself any little treasures recently? I find shops a little bit awkward at the moment as they're all making that change between summer stock and autumn stock, and I don't even know what to buy for myself as even though it's September the weather has all of a sudden started to be really nice? Typical UK! 


  1. I can't believe you live so far away from a primark, get them told ha. That scarf is lovely I haven't seen it in my local one I'll have to have a look next time I'm in xx

  2. Thats a lovely scarf..and I'm eyeing your spiked necklace too :P

  3. I always stroke things when I go round shops too! Love both of your purchases, might have to go check Primark out soon! xx

  4. I love primark's new a/w collection, like the scarf aswell even though ive searched through my whole primark and cant find it :(


  5. @LauraI know it's ridiculous, every town should have one! Thank you :) x

  6. @Megan GelderdIt's gorgeous isn't is, some of the jumpers and cardigans are to die for! I've never seen it before but keep looking :) xx

  7. Definitely going to pop in to get that jumper, looks so cozy! Scarf is lovely too, great post xx

  8. I wish we had a Primark here in the US.
    They have good stuff. I like the studded scarf.

    If you get a chance visit my blog,
    let me know what you think of it
    and if you'd like we can follow each other on GFC.


  9. I LOVE that jumper!!& I know what you mean about touching things ahha I feel everything when I'm out shopping :/ x

  10. I love that jumper and cute scarf too :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  11. Thank you for following my blog sweet. I'm glad you did - now I've found yours. :-) I love that jumper, it is right up my street as I'm always cold! I need to have a proper spree in Primark. x

  12. I've never seen a scarf like that, I really love it. That sweater is lovely too :)



  13. I thought it was just me who felt the need to stroke nice looking clothes! Love both of these purchases! I never really find anything nice in primark, but these buys are gorgeous! I may have to buy them myself! Heeh, followed you x


  14. I cannot wait to visit Primark! I need some of their fab clothes atm! x


  15. oh how not to love primark?! how? :D
    that sweater is so nice, and it looks cozy!


    check out New Look Denim Competition at my blog. you can win a pair of New Look's jeans.

  16. Really like the scarf,very on point

    Eliza K's Klozet x

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