Sunday 23 September 2012

Millie Mackintosh Lashes

Unless you live underneath a rock I will assume that most of you will know who Millie Mackintosh is, or at least have heard of her. She came to most people's attention after starring in the 'reality' E4 TV programme Made In Chelsea (I have never, ever watched this programme) but she is also a beauty enthusiast, make up artist and a blogger, just like you and I. Not to mention she is also Professor Green's other half and in my eyes is one of the most beautiful women in the country. She oozes effortless, natural glowing beauty and she comes very high up in my list of girl crushes!

Millie recently launched her own range of false eyelashes and being such a huge fan of Miss Mackintosh I could not resist ordering some for myself, despite the £8.95 price tag. I ordered mine from this site here (link) and there is a range of 8 different styles; I think that they are all named after different parts of London but I don't know London very well and the only names that I recognised were Mayfair, Camden and Portobello. The delivery was free and they arrived the day after I ordered them which is very impressive.

This is what the Nouveau Beauty website has to say about Millie's lashes:
"As a make up artist, Millie knows all the tricks of the beauty trade and has been fully involved in every part of the process in designing her range. The strip lashes are made of natural hair, to give a more natural look so girls can imitate Millie’s minimal and sophisticated style."

And this is what Millie herself has to say about them:
“It’s no secret that I’m a complete beauty addict, and so designing my own range of lashes was a dream come true. My lashes are unique in that they are 100% natural hair, and the extra mild adhesive means that you can commit the cardinal sin of forgetting to take them off and still wake up looking gorgeous!” 

I am really excited to try these out as I have always been faithful to Eyelure lashes on a night out and have never recently strayed away and tested out another brand; in the past I have found that no other glue matches up to the quality of Eyelure and that is why I always return to them. With Millie's adhesive being 'extra mild' I hope that it being gentle on the skin doesn't compromise the staying power of the lashes - I hate it when the corners start to peel up half way through the night!

All of the lashes look very natural and could be worn in the day time but I ordered the pair 'Shoreditch' as these were the thickest and fullest looking of the 8 pairs and I look for a bolder eye on a night out as I already have quite long and think eyelashes anyway.

One thing that I know is not visible on the above image as it has been put through a filter on Instagram is the lack of airbrushing on the front of the box. I feel like this is a really awful thing for me to say and I was debating not writing it at all but it did please me to see that Millie has visible pores on her face and she has not been Photoshopped to unrealistic perfection; her face looks like a normal person's would (although she is quite a lot more beautiful than most people anyway). I don't know if that makes much sense for me to say but I just love the way that she still looks beautiful even without editing and airbrushing away minor 'flaws' on her face like other celebrities would do.


  1. Ooh those lashes look fabulousss!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Millie always looks radiant whenever I've seen her on TV, she literally seems to have the most perfect skin!

  3. do you know her blog name? id love to check it out.
    also, could you instagram a photo once you get round to wearing them? they look so lovely.

  4. those lashes are great :)
    awesome post!

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