Saturday 22 September 2012

TK Maxx Hair & Nails

TK Maxx (or TJ Maxx if you're American) is full to brim with amazing discounts and absolute bargains. In the past the reasons for the hugely discounted price tags was because the stock was past season designer items, but recently it has been advertised that it is also current season but still with the same huge discounts. With some items and brands I wouldn't have the faintest idea whether something was from their previous or current season, and for some things I don't think that it even matters.

One thing that I always end up ogling at is the huge array of bags that they stock. One time I picked up a gorgeous tan leather bag that had been reduced from around £320 down to £55! Bargain! At some point in the future I do want to invest in a durable and timeless bag and when that time comes I know that the first place I will head is TK Maxx.

I also love the gift sets and cosmetics that they do too and think that it is the perfect place to start when shopping for presents. When I was in store the other day I did pick up a Bayliss & Harding hand soap and lotion duo set for my mum's birthday which is next month and got it for 50% off the recommended retail price.

For myself I spotted these two incredibly brightly packaged hair care products:

The first one is a basically a clarifying shampoo; 'De-Gunk Deep Clean Shampoo' by Urban Fudge that claims to dissolve away styling build up, and the other is a leave-in conditioner by TIGI. I have never tried products from either of these brands before, and I have never actually heard of Urban Fudge before. I thought I would be keen on the pump dispenser bottle but I found it quite tricky and felt like I needed three hands; one to hold the bottle steady, one to push the pump, and a third to actually catch the dispensed product! Anyone else struggle with these? I know a lot of people like them. The scent is citrus mint which is a very fresh and clean fragrance and just 2 pumps of this gave my hair the clean of it's life. It says on the bottle that it is gentle enough for daily use, but it contains alcohol and that is not an ingredient that I wish to use regularly on my hair as I feel it would be quite stripping if used too often. Instead, I will use this on average on a fortnightly basis for a deep clean or when my hair feels too built up with product from leave-in conditioners, hairspray, dry shampoo, etc. This 350ml bottle cost £4.99.

The TIGI leave-in conditioner is a super environmentally friendly product with 88% organic content, no parabens, no artificial colors or synthetic fragrances and the bottle is 50% post consumer recycled material with an encouraging message on the side to rinse and recycle the bottle again once finished. I like to use leave in conditioners on the dry ends of my hair every now and again when I feel like taking a break from using argon oil every day and what sold me on this product 100% was the smell. Mmm cherry almond! The sweetest and most gorgeous scent that has ever entered my nose. I felt it was a shame that the smell didn't really transfer to my hair that well, I was hoping to have beautiful smelling hair still when I woke up then next day but unfortunately I didn't. This 250ml bottle cost £3.99, is quite a runny consistency but a little goes a long way and is very nourishing.

I also picked up 6 bottles of China Glaze nail polish not actually realising that they were 'crackle' effect as it did not say this anywhere on the box, but they still look lovely on and were good value for money. They came in two boxes of 3 bottles, both for £5.99 and I purchased these with my 200 follower give away in mind. I'm only 8 followers away from 200 now and need to think of a suitable prize to offer up, but I don't think anybody would really be interested in 6 bottles of crackle polish! Instead I'm going to have a selection of different products and just one of these polishes will be in the goody bag with the shade being the winners choice.

Platinum Pieces, Haute Metal, Latticed Lilac, Oxidised Aqua, Tarnished Gold, Crackled Medallion.

I definitely think that TK Maxx is a store that gets over looked for its amazing products at brilliant bargain prices! I'll be looking in there more often now.
Have you found any TK Maxx bargains recently?


  1. hey . i am sure i seen them hair products in tk maxx. love this shop essecialy stuff for home

  2. You have a lovely blog! Followed :)

  3. i am your 193rd follower! :) 7 followers away! ♥
    found you at the link party,btw. Please check my beauty blog also.. and maybe follow back?! TIA! ♥

  4. lovely finds! love TK Maxx as well but don't walk in there too often as this would blow my bank account haha, too many bargains! found your blog through bbloggerschat's bloghop and am a new follower now :) xx

  5. Ooh i love the nail polishes :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  6. @JuliaI've never seen the same things twice in there before, funny that you've seen these two things also! xx

  7. @MichelleAw thank you!! I will check out your blog now :D xx

  8. @Fisi ♥I know I spent a good £30 and could've easily spent so much more! Aw thank you, going to check your blog now :D xx

  9. @SophieroseheartsMe too they're so lovely, be sure to keep an eye out for my give away then haha ;) xx

  10. Great finds, I really should check out the beauty section of TK Maxx more! xo

  11. II never go in TK Maxx but starting to think i ought to :)

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!

  12. Hiya lovely, great blog and great post - i always find bargains in tk maxx!!

    Now following you!

    Please check out my blog if you can, thank you! :)


  13. I wish there was a TK Maxx near me as you can pick up some nice things. The conditioner sounds lovely. :)

  14. Think i need to take a trip to TK Maxx you got some great bargains :) x

  15. Currently obsessing over your blog lovely! Thank you for commenting on my post otherwise I wouldnt have found it! Following now:D xx

  16. I love the nail varnish colours you got, they're gorgeous!! You've gotta love brightly coloured shampoos, bubble baths etc, They remind me of the 'potions' I tried to make up as a kid in the bath! XxxX

  17. Bellezza shampoo
    Our Bellezza Shampoo, formulated with naturally originated substances and made with Certified Organic Olive Oil, restores strength and density to your hair and is ideal for all hair types. It's formulated using mild and non-aggressive detergents and is extremely nourishing due to the extracts of olive, ginseng root, ro"


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