Sunday 9 December 2012

A Great Big Box of LUSH Goodies!

Hello little cherubs. My weekend was made yesterday when a postman landed up on my doorstep with a hefty sized brown box with the words 'LUSH' plastered all over it - Yaay! My order had arrived four days earlier than expected and I couldn't wait to rip it open!
I've been wanting to have a huge splurge in Lush for a while, especially now that the Christmas stock is there (it's actually been there since about October so I've been resisting for a long time), but I held off until it was a little bit closer to Christmas and after it had been my birthday so I could use my birthday money to go all out and treat myself to some pamper bits and pieces! So, if you're an auntie or uncle of mine that put money in one of my birthday cards.. this box is from you - Thank you!

Grease Lightning Spot Treatment - £5.95
"Strikes the spot with lightning precision. Dab on this super effective tea tree and witch hazel gel to zap zits before they show themselves"
This invisible gel is packed full to the brim with every key spot fighting ingredient under the sun, including: tea tree, rosemary, aloe vera, witch hazel, grape juice, sea water, and lavender for a complementary spot fighting and skin healing action at super speed. This dinky little bottle should come in handy to quickly fight away any pesky spots that come creeping in.
Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask - £5.95
"Exfoliating face mask to give normal to oily skin a radiant glow. With polishing almond shells, softening almond oil, soothing lavender oil and the magical tightening action of Fullers Earth"
I always thought that this had lettuce in it as the main ingredient.. hence the name 'love lettuce', but lettuce is no where to be found on the ingredients list for this face mask! I've tried a sample of this before and absolutely loved it so snapped up a full sized pot with no hestiation - it's a refreshing and exfoliating face mask that really brightens the skin after use. It's just a shame that this has a 'use by' date of 30th December so I'm going to end up using this almost daily in order to not waste any of it.

H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Moisturiser - £8.95
"We all sometimes need to turn to the God of hair. A mask to improve the condition, lustre and combability of hair"
This 'god of hair masks' is to be used a pre-shampoo treatment around once a week to help out limp locks that have lost their mojo. Slap it all over dry hair, leave for twenty minutes and then rinse and shampoo and condition as usual to reveal fresh, shiny and intensely conditioned hair. This tub is full of fresh and natural ingredients so has a 'use by' time limit of three months and contains the likes of eggs, bananas, advocado, balsamic vinegar and olive oil - what a strange combination!
New Solid Shampoo Bar - £5.25
"Packed with scalp stimulating herbs and spices to pep up sluggish circulation at the root, as well as an infusion of nettle and peppermint to help slow down hair fall, New gives you shiny locks, a bit of body and a healthy, happy scalp"
I bought this for the novelty factor and also out of curiousity.. I mean, it's shampoo in solid form - that's pretty unique isn't it? I'm not too sure what to make of this or exactly how I'm going to use it, plus it smells a little bit weird but I'm looking forward to the scalp stimulation as that is supposed to increase hair growth. It contains cinnamon and rosemary, along with a nettle and peppermint infusion which is interesting. we'll see how I get on and I plan on doing a full review to help out anybody who is as curious and confused about this product as I am.

Soft Coeur Massage Bar - £4.75
"Messy fun for consenting adults everywhere. Makes the tastiest person in your life tastier still"
I didn't actually realise what this was intended to be..! I just spotted it in store, thought a creamy and beautifully smelling heart shaped bar would be a cool thing to have so just popped it into my online shopping bag without reading too much about it, but, erm, it's nicknamed 'The Honeymooner' and is supposed to be 'perfect for passionate evenings when the moment stikes' - Oo-er! I feel so dense not realising that this is a sexy product for couples haha, but The Lush Times has assured me not to worry if I'm 'flying solo this Christmas' as these are still good to use just as a moisturiser without the massage. But anyway, cocoa butter, shea butter, honey, almond oil and a chocolate centre - could there be an anymore perfect combination of ingredients? Mmmm!!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel (100g) - £3.50
Limited Edition for Christmas
"Cheering up your shower yet again with her candy floss scent and lovely pink glittering foam. Get your wings fluttering and lather up with this cutie"
This showergel is incredibly hyped up, I've never heard so many people go crazy for a showergel like this one before so I just had to see what all the fuss was about it. This Christmas limited edition showergel comes in three sizes and I got the smallest bottle because I wasn't sure if I'd like it because I've heard that is incrrrredibly sweet and some people can find it too sickly.. and unfortunately I am one of those people! One whiff of this was too much for me, the extremely strong candyfloss scent is a little bit overwhelming, but I'm hoping that it will grow on me! It is really pretty though, it's pink and very glittery - so girly.
Christmas Eve Bubble Bar - £2.95
Limited Edition for Christmas
"To calm your beating heart on the 24th December, crumble this jasmine and ylang ylang bubble bar under running taps and watch the bath turn a deep midnight blue; frothing up to create a tub full of sweet, tropical blossom bubbles"
I just couldn't resist ordering this one - I'm absolutely going to use it on Christmas Eve! It's a bit bigger than I expected it to be so I'm hoping I get more than one use out of this by breaking it up as it smells really soothing and relaxing. It was one of the cheapest bubble bars too.
Bubblebeard Reusable Bubble Bar - £4.95
Limited Edition for Christmas
"A Christmas party costume and a reusable bubble bar in one? Amazing! Swish Bubblebeard around your tub for (almost) neverending sandalwood and lavendar suds"
Another irresistable purchase! A sparkly moustache on a stick that makes bubbles for your bath again and again and again? And, who hasn't bought this bubble bar and posed with it as a faux moustache? I know I have - *hangs head in shame*. I absolutely cannot wait to use this in my next bath, this is definitely going to be the first product from this stash that I use, I'm a sucker for a novelty product.
The Melting Snowman - £1.95
Limited Edition for Christmas
"Fill up your tub with warm water before dropping in your cinnamon, clove and lime snowman as the taps are running. As he dissolves and disperses silky bath oil all around you, he fulfils his destiny and softens your skin to boot"
How cute?! Aw poor little melting snowman. This super cheap little bath melt has a classic Christmas smell and melts away in the bath softening the water with the oils that it contains and leaving skin silky smooth and nourished, all with an element of fun too.

FUN sample size - free
"FUN is a wonderful brand new invention from Lush! It's a soap, a bubble bath, a shampoo - and a toy!"
I think 'Fun' is an amazing new invention and I had had more than my fair share of time playing with it last time I was in store! It's a bit like play-doh in the way that it can be moulded and created into a different shapes, but can also be used to wash yourself too, and only the teeny tiniest piece is needed to create a mound of frothing bubbles in a tub! A little goes a long way so it's extremely good value with 200g costing just £5.00. I was very close to ordering myself some of this but then changed my mind and decided that I had enough in my basket, so imagine my delight when there was a surprise free sample size in my box! I received the yellow one which is described as 'comforting, nostalgic vanilla'.

I wasn't ever very good at art when I was in school!!
I am so happy with my great big bag/box full of new LUSH goodies and it's safe to say that I have lots of Christmas-y things to play with now and I'll be smelling extra yummy for weeks! I cannot wait for my next bath time and pamper day!


  1. I have a few of those products and really want the moustache bubble bar. Let us know how you get on!x

  2. You have a HUGE box of Lush goodies! I got a few Christmas items a while ago too. Melting snowman was one of them but mine is missing its nose. Oh well, still cute as a button. Want to try the Bubblebeard and Fun. Of all the Christmas ones I have tried, Gingerbread is my favorite but sadly it is sold out online.

  3. What a great looking order! I love the look of all their bath bombs but never really have baths when I'm at uni (gross student house!) but now I'm home I'm taking full advantage - I have So White and the Magic Wand bubble bar. xx

  4. That is a big box of lush lol i love snow fairy! I really want to try the moustache bubble bar x

  5. Hi Hannah, you got some great LUSH items. I love soft coeur and the love lettuce face mask. Massage bars are a little bit weird to use and a definite hit and miss, let us know how you like it!

  6. Would love some reviews on some of these products if you wouldn't mind? :) I always presumed that Love Lettuce had lettuce in it too... I'm kinda confused now that I know it doesn't. Haha. xo

  7. youll have to let me know what the spot treatment is like. Ive been looking for a reasonably priced one for a while and this sounds great for my sensitive skin.

    I have the xmas eve bubble bar aswell and im saving it for xmas eve just like you hahaha.

  8. I'm such a fan of lush, very jealous of your big stash! X

  9. so jealous! would love to have this delivered to my door i love lush, snow fairy is my favourite! x

  10. I thought you'd won a competition with that lot at first! Great way to spend some birthday money :)


  11. I'm so jealous! I want that bubblebeard. I'm still waiting for our new Lush store to open so I can get all kinds of reckless with bath products =) xx

  12. THis all looks lovely.
    I hope you do some reviews soon especially for the spot treatment, I'm keen to see how well that works.


  13. Thanks for sending me your link on twitter xxx

  14. Such a fantastic array of products! I'm thinking of treating myself to a lush splurge, but probably on Boxing day when a lot of the Christmas goodies are on offer xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  15. Love Lush especially the bubble beard bubble bar!

  16. I love the Snow Fairy shower gel! I've just run out so will be stocking up :) xx


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