Sunday 12 January 2014

KIKO Colour Impact Eyeshadow Palette | 01 Lounge Warm Tones

As I mentioned in my Kiko Make Up Haul post a couple of days ago, the very influential Laura from Belle's Boutique showcased this lovely looking eyeshadow palette from Kiko on her blog and her Instagram (here and here), and it was love at first sight for me - as soon as I laid eyes on the first picture of the palette I knew that I wanted needed it! 


When I purchased this palette it was £16.90, which is a pretty good price for 6 amazing quality eyeshadows, but even better is that it has now been reduced in Kiko's 50% off sale and is only £8.40! I'm convinced I read somewhere once upon a time that this was limited edition, but there's nothing saying that at moment. However, I'm not positive it'll be around forever so if you like the sight of this then don't miss your chance with it.

Kiko Colour Impact Eyeshadow Palette - 01 Lounge Warm Tones | £16.90 £8.40

The shades and their beauty speak for themselves in the pictures and although the purple shade on the top middle draws me in the most, it's not that wearable for me and I really struggle to make it work that well because it's far from subtle and I just don't think it suits me. It is pretty to stare at though! The other 5 shades, however, are absolutely amazing and can work really, really well. The top right and bottom left shades are my favourites and are really intense neutral shimmer shades.

The shades are crazy pigmented and the dream formula that everybody loves to work with; soft and smooth like butter and easy to blend. The Kiko website also states that these can be used wet to create an even more intense colour pay off, but I've not tried that yet because they work more than well enough for me when used dry. 

 Top Row Swatches: Left - Right

 Bottom Row Swatches: Right - Left

First three swatches: Bottom Row, Left - Right
Second three swatches: Top Row, Right - Left

Sorry with the confusion for how I've ordered these swatches; I know it's an illogical order, but start in the bottom left corner of the palette, and work anti-clockwise back round up to the top. Just because the lighter shades don't show up as intensely as the others doesn't mean at all that they're lacking in pigment because that's far from the case, they just don't contrast very well with my milky white skin!

[Picture taken in direct sunlight]

Overall, I think it's an incredibly gorgeous palette and quite unique because I've never seen these 6 shades put together in any other palette before - I think you'd struggle to find something similar! Three shades are shimmery with a subtle trace of glitter, and the other three are satin matte shades, but if these particularly warm toned shades don't take your fancy then Kiko does also have 3 other variations which I'm sure will be the same gorgeous quality: 02 Street Taupe Variation, 03 Bright Night Lights, and 04 Rain Smoky Shades. 

What do you think of this palette from Kiko?
(Remember, it's currently in their 50% off sale!)
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If you want to see what else I ordered from Kiko at the same time then you can check out my Kiko Make Up Haul post from a few days ago.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Such beautiful shades I especially love the aubergine and the gold - just lovely! Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I love the shade in the bottom left, but they're all so pretty! I've never tried anything from Kiko but I'm sure that'll change soon<3

  3. Ooh that is a gorgeous palette, I love purple shadows :)

    Sophie x

  4. I love the colours! They look so pigmented. Especially LOVE the gold!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  5. I have been after the palette for ages, the shades are absolutely stunning (: xx

  6. The palette looks gorgeous! The colours are beautiful! xx

  7. Wow! This palette is beautiful! And so affordable!
    Lovely review. :)


  8. I love the metallic shades, they look lovely! x

  9. Gorgeous palette - I've only ever tried the Kiko Nail Polishes but I'm really looking forward to getting more from the brand, this has just been added to my wishlist! x

  10. That Palette looks like it could almost be a dupe for the smashbox photo op icon palette i have! Looks lovely!

  11. Ooh so pretty! If I didn't already have a hundred eyeshadows I'd run out and buy this :P

    Bree ll Colour Shimmer Sparkle

  12. Your page is great! You sure do know how to keep your audience entertained. Im so glad that I took the time to look at this blog, because let me tell you. Thanks.
    jeux de barbie

  13. Such pigmented shades!
    And they're so perfect for this time of year!

  14. THese shades look beautiful and the pigmentation looks pretty good as well! Thanks for the swatches. xxx

    Fernanda @ Ferdie's Finds

  15. Gorgeous colors! I'd love to see an eye makeup you'd create with these!


  16. This palette looks lovely, not tried anything from this brand, I must check it out :) xx

  17. Wow even £16 is amazing for shadows as amazing as this - that gold and berry shade are stunning! xxx

  18. So pretty, I've never heard of this brand but I will have to try! Great post xx

  19. This looks so pretty! Your blog posts are so lovely x

  20. What a gorgeous palette! I love KIKO! xx

  21. I sign up and ordered this along with a few other bits after seeing this! whoops!

    Kerry @ little bit of luxury

  22. This palette looks gorgeous I have never heard of Kiko before but that's right up my street xx xx

  23. the shades in this palette look amazing! I've never tried KIKO eyeshadows before but i love their nail polish and lipsticks! :)

  24. This is so beautiful! :-) The peach shade kind of reminds me of MAC All That Glitters! Lovely post :-)


  25. I love Kiko so much, the quality of their products is amazing! Their brushes are pretty great as well and I'd definitely recommend checking them out :) xx


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