Thursday 2 October 2014

New Real Techniques Limited Edition Set: 'Nic's Picks'

I just thought I'd share with you a new addition to the shelves of Superdrug that has got me quite excited. I was going to add this set to my Christmas list, but I couldn't hold off that long and I snaffled them up for myself today after they were released worldwide yesterday. It's clear that the set has been brought out at this time of year with it being intended to be under a lot of people's Christmas trees as it really would make the perfect gift; both to give and to receive. 

Following on from the success of the Real Techniques set 'Sam's Picks' - a 6-piece set that I never bothered with myself - sister #2 has followed up with her own selection of favourites with a limited edition design and 3 exclusive brush cuts. Nic's picks, with the sleek silver handled design, comes in a set of 5 brushes; two that are already available, and 3 that are exclusive to the set. 

1) The duo-fibre face brush was a huge hit when it was released in the 'limited edition' Duo Fibre Collection (a set that didn't flare an interest in me), and is ideal for 'lightweight application and blending of powder products'. 

2) The cheek brush is one of the set exclusives and is prescribed to 'even apply make up across the cheek bones for a more dramatic finish'. This feels a similar size and shape to the expert face brush, but is far less densely packed and feels more like a smaller headed version of the powder brush.

3) The angled shadow brush is a second set exclusive and is 'perfectly cut for layering eyeshadow in the crease'. Real Techniques are known for being stronger with their face brushes than their eyeshadow brushes, and eyeshadow isn't my forte either but a nice fluffy angled brush always comes in handy. 

4) The base shadow brush is the second of the pre-existing brushes and is one that I own myself already. It works exactly as described and applies a smooth base of colour to the lids. Despite it being one of Nic's most favourite brushes ever, it's definitely one of my least used shadow brushes. 

5) Although there is a larger angled brush in the 'Starter Kit', this set has a smaller, exclusive eyeliner brush, with a small and precise, firm angled head for 'optimal control along the lash line'. 

I really like the expensive looking metallic silver finish of the handle and how they've also kept to the classic Real Techniques roots of colour theming the brushes, this time with the writing on the handles: gold for base, pink for finish, and purple for eyes. Every single brush in the set is fantastic quality and I'm sure each of them will be well used. The price point of £30 is amazing, making each brush just £6 each! There's not many brands who match up to the quality and the price tag that Real Techniques offer and I'd highly recommend them to anyone, from beginners with makeup, to people who think they already have 'too many brushes' ( if there's such a thing!). 

What do you think of Nic's Picks brush set?

Available now from:
Feel Unique - £29.99 link
Superdrug - £30.00 £20.00 link
Escentual - £25.40 link
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