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One of the most beneficial things that I have ever done for the growth of Cosmetic Crave, aside from advertising and regularly partaking in #bbloggers chats over Twitter, is guest posting on another blog. Guest posting gives new readers a sneak preview of what they can expect from following your blog, and by introducing your blog to a different audience it can often widen your own readership. 

Allowing others, i.e. you, to guest post on Cosmetic Crave is simply my way of helping out and giving your blog some extra added exposure (never does any harm!), as well as letting my blog feature a bit of content variety. 95% of the time my posts are beauty reviews, but I will accept guest posts on anything ranging from: beauty, fashion, general life chat, fitness, travel, DIY, cooking and baking, or interior and design! ..Just try and make sure that it is appropriate content to a certain extent.

As part of a new regular feature, there will be one guest poster each month, with the post always going live on the 6th of the month. I won't restrict anybody to just one month, but don't hog them all!! Your audience size will never matter, and if you would like to have a post published on Cosmetic Crave then just e-mail with the topic and vague outline of what you wish to post about (no word limits). I'll let you know the next available month and it will be scheduled as soon as you send it over. 

November: Bamboozle Beauty
December: Je M'Apparel

January: Boho Vanity
February: Aztec Mess
April: Joy Ann
September: Beky Lou
October: Ella Boo Beauty
December: Cluttered Closet

January: The Prosecco Diaries
February: available
No payment will be exchanged between either parties for the guest posting.
The guest posting is mostly reserved for other bloggers.


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