If you are a PR company or a brand who is looking to work with bloggers regarding products or posts, then I am happy to take enquiries.
You can contact me at: cosmeticcrave@gmail.com.

As of March 2013, any items that have been gifted to me for review purposes will be clearly identified with an asterix (*) after the product name, and where applicable labelled with '*(c/o) 'company name'' at the end of the post, or alternatively labelled '*PR Sample'.
This does not mean that my opinions will be bias in any way and my review will remain, as always, honest and true. I will not accept samples that are not fitting with the content of my blog.
Sometimes, a product may feature in a post that was part of a 'goodie bag' (or whatever term you wish to use), that has been given to me at an event. I still consider these contents to be gifted items and they will still be marked with an asterix (*) accordingly. 
If you have any issues please feel free to contact me.
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