Thursday 19 December 2013

Elemis Skin Brilliance Hydrating Skincare Collection Gift Set | Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea

Not finished your Christmas shopping yet? It's okay, I'm not judging you because I'm a last minute shopper myself. In fact, this is the first and only year where my Christmas presents have all been bought and wrapped before Christmas Eve! (..and that's only because I'm en route to New York as this post goes live and I had to be prepared in advance). So, if you've still got a lady in your life to buy for (and it doesn't have to be strictly a Christmas gift), then here's a suggested gift set available from Elemis: their Skin Brilliance Hydrating Skincare Collection Gift Set (what a mouthful of a name!). 

The hydration skincare set from Elemis contains four conveniently smaller than full sized skincare items collectively worth £59 (based on their smaller size, not the full size).

Elemis Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser 50ml (Full size 200ml worth £21.00)
Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner 50ml (Full size 200ml worth £21.00)
Elemis Maximum Moisture Day Cream 50ml (Full size 150ml worth £38.00)
Elemis Skin Buff 20ml (Full size 50ml worth £26.00)

Elemis say that this combination of skincare products will create a 'refreshed, hydrated and nourished complexion' and it contains everything required to form a full skincare routine: a 50ml cleanser, 50ml toner, 50ml moisturiser and a 20ml exfoliator:

Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser - 'replenishes moisture levels whilst gently purifying the skin. Helps restore the youthful bloom to dehydrated and mature skin'.

Soothing Apricot Toner - 'soothes and harmonises giving rise to a fresh sensation and radiant appearance. This alcohol-free toner is so gentle, it may also be applied to cotton pads for a soothing eye treatment'.

Maximum Moisture Day Cream - 'fresh feeling day cream with adaptive technology intelligently adjusts to the skin's individual needs, providing continuous hydrating whilst actively helping to protect against environmental toxins'.

Skin Buff - 'ideal for all skin types, re-energises dull and lifeless skin with deep cleansing phytoplankton in a shea butter and beeswax base'.

As a big advocate of exfoliation, the stars of the set for me are the Apricot Toner and the Skin Buff. Seeing as Feel Unique currently have 3 for 2 on Elemis I might pick myself up a few full size bottles of these two, now that I've tried them out and I know which of them that I like. The Maximum Moisture Day Cream didn't really float my boat because I found it a bit too heavy and creamy for me, but I'd consider using the Rosepetal Cleanser again because it was lovely and gentle and really helped to soften the skin.

This is a perfect gift for women of any age, and of any relation to you too. Sister, girlfriend, mother, grandmother, aunty, work colleague.. I'm sure that anybody would love this, especially as it's already beautifully packaged and presented so eradicates the need for fancy gift wrapping at home (boys, I'm looking at you!). The products are fantastic quality and would be well suited to somebody who is already really interested and invested in skincare, as well as somebody who is a complete novice.

Elemis Skin Brilliance Hydrating Skincare Collection Gift Set* - £39.00 | link

I've linked to Feel Unique because at this moment they have 10% off all orders and a free gift when spending a set amount, plus they offer free worldwide delivery too. This set is also available from Debenhams and Look Fantastic.

Thanks for reading!

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* (c/o) Elemis
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  1. Gorgeous gift set, that would make me a very happy bunny :o)! Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. What a gorgeous little set, perfect if your new to the brand I would love to try this!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  3. This looks like such a lovely present to introduce someone to a brand!

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  4. Lovely review! I've been considering trying this for a while but was a little unsure whether it was worth all the hype, but again, it does sound like a good little gift set from your review. Might have to brave the sale shoppers and head into town! :) x
    Heroine In Heels


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