Friday 4 April 2014

My eBay Collections

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The weird, the wonderful, the obscure and the downright bargainous can all be found throughout and now you can save yourself the searching and can simply use eBay’s new and exciting feature: collections. The collections can be put together by others and you can see them, or you can create your own!

I never really ‘got’ Pinterest, right from the get-go I just couldn’t get the hang of it and I never really saw the appeal. But eBay has built on the idea of ‘pinning’ items and putting them together in a themed group for other people to follow and browse, but of course with eBay being eBay – you can buy something that you like too. Think of it as a shopping version of Pinterest.

You can make your own collections for so many different reasons:

  • A lust list; all the things you’d buy if you were a millionaire.. just to tease yourself.
  • For some birthday or Christmas hints (Mum.. just look at this collection I made *wink*)
  • A wedding gift guide to share with your guests
  • Party planning; all the bits you'll need to order when the time comes closer
  • A way to compare different items that you can’t quite decide one. Can’t make up your mind on a few options? Put them all in one place and compare.
  • As a ‘buy later’ option for yourself. Although there is a ‘save for later’ option, collections give you the flexibility to separate and categorise your items, and share them too.
  • ..Or just for fun! Who says you can’t browse all of the pretty Parisian décor or cat themed jewellery on the site and put it all together in one place!

They’re super simple to create, literally all you do is find the item you like and click on the ‘Add to collection’ button that will be underneath Add To Watch List. 
A pop up menu will appear where you can choose which collection to add your item to, or to create a brand new collection.

Just last week I received a tweet from somebody who has just logged into eBay and they saw me and one of my collections sitting there on the homepage – with eBay being such a globally successful site that is cray-zay! I’m really impressed with how well the collections concept has taken off and how many people are making use of it.

Make sure you get involved and if you need some inspiration for collections you can see some of mine here:

Above (top of the page) are examples of just three of the collections that I have on my page.
The idea was to stick to the themes of health/beauty/fashion because that’s what my blog specialises in, but I also chose to create collections on the things that I personally search for on eBay – you’d be surprised how many strange 99p treasures you can come across while scouring the site.

The other collections I have created include: Fun Gift Ideas, Home Décor, Kitchen Accessories and a collection especially for Novelty Mugs! (I’m a mug collector.. don’t judge)

Also, with summer on the way I’m sure many of you might find yourselves browsing through my Work Out / Gym collection, especially if you’re a beginner because there's some good 'at home' gear to get you started.

But of course there’s still the Nail Art Accessories (I always buy my nail wheels and striping tape from eBay and have included sellers I actually use) and more importantly a whole collection dedicated to Acrylic Make Up Storage! Save yourselves the searching and just click here to see my Acrylic Make Up Storage collection including the exact £10 Muji style drawers that I use.

Let me know if you take a browse through my collections, and you can also follow them too!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. love your collections, such good ideas! I'll go over and follow you on there, here are mine if you wanted to check them out? :) x

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun I might get involved as well as an avid ebay addict! xxx

  3. Found and followed your blog through you following my Instagram :)

  4. wow I wondered what they were. its pretty awesome. cant wait to start mine

  5. I soo want to look at your collection, but I can feel my paypal account quivering at the thought!!!


    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  6. Wow, there's a ton of cool collections! I nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award by the way! I hope you're having a great day.


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