Sunday 21 October 2012

eBay: Acrylic Storage

Hello, hope you have all enjoyed your weekend. It's been such a lovely day here today and despite a minor hangover I've still managed to spend the day enjoying the sunshine and went out into town for lunch. Hope you have all made the most of the rareity that is sunshine in October!
Acrylic storage for make-up is a big thing in the beauty and blogging world and I wanted to join in and jump on the bandwagon. Muji seems to be the leading brand for storage and although each individual unit is quite reasonably priced the total can soon add up when buying enough to house even just the average girl's make-up collection, let alone a shopoholic and beauty addict's.
I'm a massive lover of eBay and find myself bargain bits and pieces on there all the time so that is where I headed on my hunt for acrylic storage, searching very simply 'acrylic make-up storage' and received hundreds of results in return. I found that a lot of the items were very similar, if not the same, product but with slight variations in cost and postage charges with most of them coming from Asia. I wasn't in a particular rush to receive anything to estimated delivery dates were irrelevant to me. The item that I decided to purchase in the end was this one here (link) which costs £0.99 plus £5.69 postage and packaging, totalling £6.68.
I ordered this on the 27th September and it was shipped the same day with an estimated delivery date of 12th - 30th October as it originated from Hong Kong and it arrived yesterday (20th October) which I think is pretty fair despite the fact I was starting to get impatient waiting for it to arrive! The parcel was very well packaged in a good few layers of bubble wrap but despite the seller's efforts unfortunately it still arrived with two cracks in the plastic. They make no difference to the function of the product and can barely be seen, it's just a bit of a shame. If I had paid more for this then I would have been annoyed. What I am annoyed about however is the way that this was advertised as a 'LIPSTICK NAIL POLISH MAKE UP COSMETIC STAND' ...and the rack is in no way big enough to hold a bottle of nail polish, even my teeny tiny 5ml bottles! I was extremely close to ordering more than one of these, one to hold lipstick and one, maybe two, to house nail polish bottles but I am glad I just tried this out first.
So, if you're looking for a rack to store your nail polish bottles in then this is no use to you, but if you're looking for something pretty to display your lip products in for a pretty reasonable price then maybe you should try this out! I ran around looking for as many lipsticks as I could but they're scattered all over my life; uni, home, various bags, boyfriends house, car etc etc but the pictures below should give you a general idea of how it looks!
I think it looks really nice displayed on a dressing table and it will definitely make getting ready and choosing a lipstick a little easier than rooting through a huge make-up bag or box. I will definitely be getting some more acrylic style holders for things, i.e. sets of drawers, but this was a good place to start.
Do you use acrylic storage for make-up?
If so, where do you get it from?
If not, what do you use instead?

This is the larger of the two cracks ..if you can make it out!

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  1. Oh one of them would be sooo handy for me hehe
    I want - plus I LOVE Topshoplippy I've got their Matte Pink! I'm definitely your newest follower - do you think you could check my blog out and follow back please?

  2. This looks so good. I currently store allllll of my make up in a little plastic drawer unit but its getting a bit cramped so something like this would be perfect for me, thanks for sharing it! x

    One Little Vice

  3. I keep looking at these acrylic stands. really want one for my lipsticks but my room is too small to even have make up storage :')

  4. I love acrylic stands and splashed out on two of the Muji drawer sets. I really want something similar to this though for lipsticks! I also got a nail polish rack off Amazon for about £9 that I've blogged about before so check that post out if you're still looking for something for your nail varnishes! xx

  5. I thin thats a great way to store make up! If only I actually owned lipsticks for me to store...


  6. I saw that muji has a 5 drawer acrylic storage unit coming out so I think I'm going to get that, this is great for lipsticks though might get one of them too xxx

  7. Shame about the cracks. lipsticks look good in it!

    Sophierosehearts x

  8. That looks so good! I ordered some jewelry from Hong Kong and it arrived damaged too, so they just sent me a replacement for free. I think the sellers get worried you're going to give them a bad rating! You should email them and see :) xx

  9. I really want to try something like this for organising my makeup! i really like your blog :) following now xxx

  10. I really need one of these it looks good and so reasonable ! xoxo

  11. This is a great idea, I need one of these too!!
    Great post,following :)

    Vanessa xxx


  12. Ooooo this looks great! Will be checking it out :)

  13. I'm seriously lusting over acrylic make up storage right now! lovely post :) shame about the cracks though! xxxx

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