Wednesday 24 October 2012

Review: Redken Anti-Snap Treatment

Redken Extreme Anti Snap Treatment - £13.95 for 250ml @ Feel Unique
Is it only me who thinks that this product has one of the best names ever? It's exactly what somebody with long hair and damaged ends is going to want from a conditioning treatment - there's no point in making the effort to grow your hair if it's just going to snap off at the ends all the time. But does this pricey product live up to it's anti snapping claims?

If you want the science-y bit this is what the Feel Unique site says about how and why this product is supposed to work:
18-MEA helps restore the lipid layer of protection and resurfaces the cuticle to help restore shine while amino acids and protein enter the cuticle for targeted structural repair. Together, IPN and the Fortifying Complex deliver Redken Extreme's advanced strengthening benefits for healthier, shinier hair.
I don't know about you but that sounds a little bit too fancy for my understanding but basically it's something to do with proteins strengthening the hair and aiding against breakage from brushing and general daily wear to your locks. I bought into this treatment thinking that it sounded like a wonder product and could be my holy grail assistant in the mission for Rapunzel-esque hair, and I did my research on it too by reading lots and lots of reviews - 99% of them being positive. This must make me in the 1% who isn't going to rave about it! Sorry Redken.

I've been using this after washing my hair for about two months on and off but only properly put it into my regular routine religiously in the past two-three weeks and since then have noticed that the state of my ends has actually gotten worse. What?. The parts of my hair I've been focussing on is the underneath, i.e. when hair is tied into some kind of up do and there's sometimes the straggly bits of hair underneath that won't quite fit in? I can't be the only person who has this.. am I? Well anyway I've been putting 2 pumps all the way through my mid-lengths and ends while wet and then when putting in a top knot I've been running an extra pump through the underneaths to try and strength those stragglers. What I've been finding is that the broken off strands are becoming larger in number and there is now infact whole clumps of broken off hair that were not there before using this product. There is no other factor involved - I have introduced no other product into my routine and I have cut out all heat tools from my life too! In addition, my hair used to be relatively soft on the ends despite the bleach because I work hard to keep it in good condition but now it feels more straw-like than ever before - this product is drying my hair out like mad!

Hate to give a negative review but this isn't one for me, I thought it would be amazing but after using it religiously and allowing it's effects to really work I've found it has negative results for me. I would love to know if this is the case for anybody else at all who has used this product?

If you've used this Redken treatment did you have good or bad experiences with it?
Let me know!

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  1. I have used it before and it didn't really do anything for me nor did other redken products. Think it has to do with all the silicones!

    Beauty Fiends Blog

  2. Oh no that is such a shame, silly product!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. well thats pants! i was hoping it would be good enough to tempt me to buy.
    i like seeing negative posts, love honesty in a product!

  4. What a shame, this would have been the perfect product for me :( x

  5. how strange! im glad I read this review though as this is exactly the type of product I would buy thinking the same as you...that it would give me rapunzel hair! At least I know no great review!

  6. ah I have super long hair too,I would have thought this would be a great producy but seems like it's the opposite!glad I read your review :)
    would be great if you could check out my beauty giveaway :) @


  7. I just bought Redken's Extreme Strength Builder (which is basically a deep conditioner) and after using it this morning I have nothing but positive feedback. That being said the softness that I was left with might be all the product does - I guess I'll have to wait and see if it does anything for my ends. Fingers crossed it's more effective than the anti-snap was for you (:

  8. i like your post thanks to share nice post.

  9. I’ve actually been looking for a product that my mom can use to cope with hair loss. In fact, I found a product that can help me revitalize my hair. Anyway, I hope I can get a sample and try if it works on my hair. It's just that I am kinda afraid of using products on my hair without professional advice. :)

    -^ Paola Basilio ^-

  10. Excellent blog. I too have a very good experience with Redken Extreme Strength Builder, i am using it for years and it is working great. Well, thanks for sharing your experience.

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