Saturday 27 October 2012

OOTD | Moustache Tee & Disco Pants

Helloo. Today I'm doing something that hardly ever appears on my blog and that is an outfit post. I think in the 6 months I've been writing on here there has only ever been ONE outfit/OOTD/OOTN post and it was this one was HERE before I went to a wedding in the summer. If you have a look back through past posts you'll see that 95% of the images included are only really snaps I have taken of products and cosmetics that I have purchased/loved/reviewed and there isn't a whole lot of 'me' on this blog ..but I'm taking a slight direction change and would love to gradually change this lack of personality on Cosmetic Crave.  
So, I'm starting right now, here, today, with a few little snaps of me taken before I went to uni yesterday, mainly because I liked my new t-shirt a lot and I want to share it with you ..although I'm either going to have to employ a personal photographer or get more practise with these self-timed photos if I want to do more outfit posts in the future because this was hard work getting any half decent pictures. Such an amateur.
(You may have seen a sneak preview of this new tee if you follow me on Instagram).
| Waaaah - The flash made me look ghostly white! Pass me the fake tan! |

Disco Pants - Own The Runway
Moustache Tee - Strawberry Moon
Trainers - Primark
My disco pants were from Own The Runway but just so you know.. I would not reccomend this particular pair. I had an experience of awful customer service with that company so have now boycotted them completely and also the quality is pretty shoddy - loose threads coming out all over, the black button has worn away to be silver and anything that comes into contact with them ends up with blue dye transferred all over them! Hmm. Despite this, I still wear them day in day out because I love the style and fit of them. I have my heart set on a navy pair now but for these I will go to Glamorous for.
The cute 'Moustache's Of The World' t-shirt was one that I spotted inside one of those cheap little market style stores that often don't hang around for very long. If you live anywhere near Preston then I found it in the shop called Strawberry Moon that is inside the Fishergate Shopping Centre - tacky as hell in there but my friend was on the hunt for some long black gloves to complete a halloween outfit and this caught my eye. I'm only supposed to be spending on essentials now that I'm back in my overdraft but this was £5.00 and that was too good of an opportunity to miss and I justified it by saying that I'd buy the t-shirt instead of getting a coffee from Starbucks!
The burgundy high-top converse style trainers are a pair that I picked up from Primark for a measly £6.00 and despite my instant love for them this was the first time I wore them and I picked a bad day for their trial run because yesterday I'm convinced the temperatures were sub-zero and I couldn't feel my toes! As cute and comfy as they are I need to remember that they're not so great at keeping my feet warm.
| Moustache Loving |
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  1. love this outfit post hun! love the burgundy converses and the moustache top is adorable.


  2. That top is fab! Hahaha love it

  3. Love that top!! I can never be bothered taking outfit photos haha, I need to do more!! Xx.

  4. Such a great colour combination for autumn!

  5. Ah, a great outfit! Moustaches rock ;-)

  6. Love the t-shirt :) i have alot of those kinda stores near to me hopefully i can find something similar (fingers crossed) :)

  7. This outfit is really cute, loving the top :)


  8. love your outfit! you look great in those pants:)


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