Friday, 26 October 2012

Instagram Diary | October ♥

♥ October in pictures - Instagram username: hannahripley1 

♥ Feeling festive with 98 days to go | Feeling festive in pjs & hot water bottle | Feeling festive with 2 months to go 
♥ Seasonal Kopparburg - Cranberry & Cinnamon | Bedroom decorations | Local sticky toffee pudding 
♥ Over the moon at 250 followers! | Post addressed to Chinese people? | Memories of being a first year fresher 
♥ Confirmation of Models Own order | Models Own - Naked Shimmer | Models Own - Bluebelle 
♥ Shopping @ The Body Shop | Shopping @ ASOS | Shopping @ Topshop 
♥ Going out face | Sad because it's raining face | Happy because it's Friday face 
♥ Hottttt shoes from Primark | Night out in Leeds | Millie Mackintosh lashes 
♥ Avon hair oil | Real Techniques brushes | Clinique chubby stick 
♥ Beauty haul #1 | Beauty haul #2 | Beauty haul #3 


  1. Loving your fluffy socks haha! and I think I've fallen in love with your Models Own collection! :D xx

  2. love all these pics from the month of october! congrats on yuor 250 followers, hun!


  3. Cute pictures!

  4. Love your choice of socks, looking snug! And the Models Own haul, jealous.xx

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