Tuesday 9 October 2012

See It. Want It. Own It. | Models Own 50% Sale Haul

You might not have noticed this before I pointed it out.. but there is some kind of black spot on the lens of my camera which I can't figure out how to get rid of an it has shown up on everrrry picture! If anybody knows why my camera has this and how I could get rid of it then advice in the comments below is extremely welcome!! ..But in the meantime please excuse that pesky dark smudge on this very picture heavy post :)

The Collection

The Blues
Bluebelle | Hed Kandi - Balearic Cool | Feeling Blue
 The Greens

Jade Stone
 The Darks
Mixed Up | Gun Grey
Hed Kandi - Ibiza Mix | Mushroom
 The Neutrals
Utopia | Naked Shimmer
 The Pinks/Reds/Oranges
Red Alert | Coral Reef
Soda Pop Pink | Peaches & Cream

Ibiza Mix | Mixed Up | Gun Grey | Mushroom | Naked Skimmer | Eutopia | Soda Pop Pink
 Peaches & Cream | Coral Reef | Red Alert | Bluebelle | Feeling Blue | Balearic Cool | Jade Stone

So, there we have my brand new 14 nail varnishes from the Models Own 50% Summer Sale. I made an incredibly dramatic saving of £35.00 on this haul!! I daren't tell my mum that I spent nearly £40 on a nail varnish order but my friends and boyfriend all think that I'm crazy. Before this I had never, ever owned a Models Own nail varnish before and a lot of them are quite well known such as Eutopia and Mushroom, and especially the Hed Kandi collection (Ibiza Mix in particular) so they were ones that I knew I had to try out and see if I loved them as much as everyone else does. The rest of them were more of a 'see the colour, like the colour, order the colour'. I definitely had A/W in mind when I was ordering the likes of 'Gun Grey' and 'Mixed Up', but I also wanted year round brights and pastels. Atleast now I have lots to play with and don't need to be buying any more for a while.
I put off doing this post for over a week because I ordered a large pack of nail wheels from eBay so that I could swatch the colours but they still haven't arrived yet so I decided to go ahead and post without swatches. Knowing my luck the nail wheels will arrive tomorrow!
So, did you jump at the chance of half prices nail varnishes like me?
And someone please tell me they ordered as many as 14 so I don't feel alone!
Link me your own hauls too please - I'd love to see!
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  1. The Ibiza Mix looks lovely but is a right bugger to get off :)

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter! http://champagnelambinibudget.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/models-own-giveaway-in-fuzzy-peach.html

  2. they all look so lovely, I was on the Models Own website earlier on but almost all of the nail colours are out of stock now. I can completely relate to spending almost £40 on nail varnish, I spent almost the same recently on Barry M nail paints lol. I bet you're going to have fun testing all of those out, you'll be spoilt for choice <3 xx

  3. Love those colours
    Do you want to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin or maybe also on Facebook?? Let me know posting on my blog :)

  4. Wow! I too have never had a Nails Own polish before but they look great. I can totally see how easily you can spend that much. Dunno how you're gonna decide which to wear first though!

    Lauren x

  5. what a lovely selection of polishes!
    I'm such a sucker for a neatly packaged parcel .. so of I go to the models own website!
    Hannah x confessioncloset.blogspot.com

  6. omg I want those polishes!!! dont own any by that brand , but really want to try it out! gorgeous colours, love every single one!


  7. I got some nail polishes from the sale, one of them being utopia - its so pretty!


  8. These polishes are so pretty! In love with Ibiza Mix and Soda Pop Pink, your blog is great by the way - I followed!

  9. Omg i want them all, they're so gorgeous, especially the blues and jade stone!

    Sophierosehearts x

  10. I love Models Own cant believe i missed the sale, like all the colours especially the Mushroom and Jade Stone Shades x


  11. Ohh that black spot is freaky!!!
    Apart from that you got some fab colours!

    I'm running a giveaway atm if your interested :)

  12. Love this post!
    I need to invest in some new nail varnishes. I adore that Ibiza Mix one, might have to make a sneaky purchase :)
    Following your blog now, hope you'll check out mine :)
    Taz xx

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  14. gorgeous collection! lol :) I have 2 nps from them for halloween nail art lol but haven't actually DONE any yet.....eeeppp! Got a nail art pen too so am thinking of doing xmas nail art instead! hehe! I got the orange one and the green one! :) xoxo


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