Monday 18 February 2013

New: Rimmel 'Apocalips' Lip Lacquers

Rimmel Apocalips The Hype
Released into Boots and Superdrugs stores nationwide on January 23rd, and via Rimmel's Facebook store a few days earlier, the 'Apocalips' took the beauty world by storm and are set to be a cosmetic highlight of 2013. With another quirky play-on-words name (I'm still impressed with the name for 'Scandaleyes' eyeliners) and unique packaging that takes them a step above standard lip product tubes, these bad boys deserve the attention they're getting. You'll be able to find rave reviews of these all over the Internet already, but hey why not add one more to the pile?

Rimmel Apocalips What Are They?
Dubbed as the high street answer to YSL's Glossy Stain, these 'lip lacquers' pack 3 different lip products into one handy tube; think lipgloss, lipstick and lipstain all in one and there you have 'Apocalips'. Say 'lip' one more time. Available from Boots and Superdrug, priced at £5.99 each (look out for 3 for 2 deals) these offer a high impact, opaque coverage of the lip in just one stroke, and they are applied to the lip using a doe-foot applicator that contains a little well for extra product so that there's no dipping back into the tube to go back for more. With each of these, when applied to the lip the coverage is so high and there's no denying that they are completely opaque, they feel lovely on the lips with a high shine finish but absolutely no stickiness. No wonder there's a hype! After a few hours when the glossiness has worn away these leave a matte stain of strong colour on the lips that lasts for hours and hours - brilliant for nights out.

Rimmel Apocalips The Shades
There is quite a vast shade range in this collection, with a total of 8 different shades ranging from what has been described by others as 'the most perfect nude', to gentle berry plums, to the bright and bold pink shades, all the way to a statement classic red. It looks like Rimmel have covered everything! I picked up four of the eight available shades and I am very happy with my choices, although there is one more that I would get if I was ever to go on another crazy lip product purchasing spree (Celestial, please). Big Bang can only be described as a 'true red', there's no other colour pigment in this one other than red, red and more red. It's very bold and very classic but unfortunately I've not found the perfect situation to be wearing this yet so this one has had the least use. Apocaliptic and Stellar can look quite similar in some lights, but there is a difference between them. Apocaliptic is a bright pink fuchsia, whereas Stellar has a lot more of a coral/orange base to it. Both of these are incredibly vibrant and I absolutely adore the brightness of these two shades - I've found both of them to be perfect for nights out. Nova is a little bit more muted than the rest and is one that I found a lot of time for in my every day make-up - it's been my every day colour of choice for a few weeks now. It's a dusky mauve shade and is incredibly wearable, being bright but not too 'in your face'. 

Swatches L-R: Big Bang, Apocaliptic, Stellar, Nova.

If there's any confusion with the swatches above, silly me swatched the shades in the wrong order from how I showed them pictured at the start of the post; the two middle shades, Apocaliptic and Stellar, are the opposite way around in the different pictures. To clarify, Stellar is the coraly one, and Apocaliptic is the bright pink.

Rimmel Apocalips My Thoughts and Views
This is not a 'first impressions' post/review; as much as I wanted to bash out a post about these on the day of their release and the day that I got my mitts on them, I instead chose to wait a few weeks to give these a thorough trial in different circumstances so that my review could be well rounded and informative. My first impressions were that I was not blown away, and my current opinion stands the same. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them and I do use them (usage of the different shades varies), plus I think that the price is fair and it's worth having one in your collection, I just do think that there's a down side that I can't get around. Negative point out of the way first: these are so incredibly drying on the lips after after a few hours and seriously lack in moisture. If Rimmel finds a way to add in a lip balm quality to these then we have an unbeatable product. One more thing, is that I find the applicator to sometimes transfer a little too much product onto the lips, so I often apply using the opposite side of the applicator from the 'well' of product, but that's no big deal really.

Aside from that point, I have nothing but praise for these. I absolutely love love love the shades, they're spot on and I adore the bright ones, in particular Stellar, and I love the really intense pop of colour that they give to a look and how they're so long lasting. I'm not one for lipgloss, but these are the perfect answer and they have got it all right. They're a bit of a novelty with a unique applicator for a 'lipstick', but they're worth trying out if you haven't already. Depending on which shade you pick up they can be absolutely ideal for both a night out and for every day wear.

If you've tried these, what do you think?
And what's your favourite shade?


  1. I can't get enough of these! I'm going back to my drugstore to see if we have them yet!! So far Nova has my heart :)


  2. I have 3 of these and i also find that too much product comes out, for me the best way i have found is to dab a little on my finger and apply it like a lip balm x

  3. I have Big Bang and Luna and really like them - apocaliptic and stellar are next on my list :) x

  4. I tested them in the shop but none of the shades were great for me so gave them a miss. Great review!

  5. I love the shade celestial, currently wearing it for a night out tonight !

    Sophierosehearts x

  6. I really really need to get big bang! Ahhh its so beautiful! xxx

  7. I love these - the only one I don't have is Nova and like you my fave is Stellar!! I love how bright and pigmented they are but have to agree about them feeling a tad dry - wish thy had a bit moisture!!


  8. I have three of them and really love them but i've actually put them on my blog sale if anyone is interested! I just realised I have too many lip products already so I'm giving them a new home and they've only been used once :)


  9. Even though there is soo much buzz about these I still can't get myself down to the shops to buy one! I haven't or don't think I ever will be a lipgloss girl, I just don't like really shiny lips! They do look like amazing products though! Great review, love the blog :) Rachel xxx

  10. I have 'Apocaliptic' and absoloutely adore it! Loved this review. xx

  11. I love these lipsticks! Although I find them a bit hard to apply!

    I've got a STILA PALETTE giveaway going on on my blog if anyone wants to enter heres the link :)


  12. I adore Celestial! x

  13. I can't believe I've not picked any of these up yet, I need to get my skates on asap :-)

  14. Apocaliptic & Stellar are gonna be perfect colours for summer!

  15. Definitely going to have to pick one of these up next time I'm out shopping! I think Apocaliptic will be my fave!


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