Saturday 27 April 2013

New: Models Own Ice Neon Collection

My lucky streak continued last week as I ended up being one of the winners of a double Models Own giveaway over at The Love Cats Inc. blog and bagged myself a full set of the new Models Own Ice Neon collection. The Love Cats Inc. is one of my favourite blogs and I'd been planning on getting my mitts on a few of these shades anyway, so imagine my excitement when I found out that I'd won! It made my whole month, so thank you Helen! (Everybody go and look at her blog). 

The collection consists of five brand new intensely pigmented and super bright neon shades (they are a lot brighter than they look here); Left to right - Toxic Apple, Luis Lemon, Pukka Purple, Bubblegum, and Pink Punch ..and if you buy the whole set together there's a top coat thrown in there too. When I say 'brand new', the shades 'Toxic Apple' and 'Pink Punch' do actually already exist, but imagine those shades 5x brighter and super fluorescent!

These shades are right up my street as I'm a huge fan of brightly coloured nails, and even though my collection already has plenty of super bright pinks and oranges in it, all of these are welcomed with open arms and make all the other shades look so dull in comparison. Models Own advises to keep these bottles in the fridge to maintain their fluro colour for longer (think keeping glow sticks in the freezer to keep them glowing!), but I'm not too sold on that idea - it's probably just a sales gimmick, plus I don't think that my Dad would be too happy with pink nail varnish chilling next to his beers and the milk! So, they're sitting pretty on my dressing table and I'm not too worried about their brightness fading with them not being kept really cold. 

These are all absolutely perfect for the S/S season this year and I'm more than happy to hop right onto the neon loving train; especially with the pinks and yellows. They add such a nice 'pop' of colour to any otherwise quite plain outfit and bright nails is such a simple and subtle way to join in with the trend.


Here are swatches from the 5 shades available in the collection:

The shades: all of the above swatches are shown with one coat of colour. The finish isn't exactly 'matte', but it isn't a high gloss either. You can see that some of the shades applied a little streaky with just one coat, so a 2nd would be best, and some were a little more sheer than other.. I'm looking at you Toxic Apple. The brightest, and my favourite, is the yellow: Luis Lemon, and my least favourite is the purple: Pukka Purple, mainly because it's not as 'neon' as the others and is quite a dark shade too. However, this one did have the best application and applied fully opaque in just one coat. Bubblegum and Pink Punch appear to be quite similar shades and sometimes my camera doesn't pick up the full potential of the shades; but Bubblegum is the shade that is pink, pink and pink. Very bright and true Barbie pink, whereas (misleadingly), Pink Punch is more of an orange/coral toned pink in the bottle, but when I applied it onto my nails it looked like neon orange! Confusing, but it's still amazing. A little head's up that this shade of Pink Punch is very similar to 'Hedonist' from the Hed Kandi collection.

Models Own Ice Neon Collection are available from Boots and the Models Own website now for £5.00 each, or £20.00 for all 5 colours plus a topcoat.

Which one's your favourite?

 Thanks again to Helen for running the giveaway for these!


  1. Love the look of this collection, especially Toxic Apple. They look like great shades for Summer. Raspberrykiss xo

  2. Toxic apple is such a unique colour I love it! Well done for winning them :)


  3. these are al so goregous, I think I might have to pick some up when I next go to Boots! I especially love the pink one :)

    I'm running a Sleek giveaway on my blog at the moment! :D xxx

  4. How odd for a neon nail varnish to have a matte finish? Haha (although, as you say, they do still look quite shiny)
    I think I like the yellow one best! So summery!

    PS. I have a new ootd if you want a look :)

  5. I actually love the green one, I didn't think I would but it's so pretty! x

  6. Oh wow, I didn't think I'd like this collection all that much, but these swatches are GORGEOUS!

    Danielle xx
    Danielleyc | UK Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog

  7. I love Toxic Apple and Pink Punch! I've never tried any Models Own polishes but these look great xx

    Curls and Swirls Beauty & Lifestyle

  8. I cannot stop looking at these! They are so gorgeous, literally I need to get my hands on these!

  9. These are so biright and fun :D loving the frosted bottles these have come in also. They look so cute! Perfect shades to wear in the summer and rock with a tan :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  10. Each of these shades look just gorgeous! I havent ever bought a full essie collection but I think this one may have to be my first. I love brights like these all year round xx

  11. The purple looks amazing!
    Ami xx


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