Tuesday 16 April 2013

Review: Clinique 'Even Better' Foundation

Everybody hold up, stop what you're doing. I think I have found my holy grail foundation. That's right, this could be the one. We spend years going through bottles and bottles of the stuff searching for that one perfect formula and shade combined to give us the flawless base that we're searching for, and I think I've found my answer in Clinique. 

Halfway through bottle number two of this foundation and I had the realisation that I could never see myself turning to anything else, at least not for the foreseeable future anyway. What I like about this is that it provides full coverage, works on oily skin and it lasts all day. How often is it that you come across a foundation that can do all of that? It is suitable for any skin type which is ideal for me as I suffer with patches of dry and patches of oily (and patches of normal) - annoying skin! But I would say it is suited more for oily/normal skin types though, as it does tend to show dry patches if they're quite bad.

What I'm more concerned with is how high and how full the coverage is that this offers; it's pretty amazing. Having a face that's riddled with scars, marks, redness and little blemishes I've got a lot to cover up! The foundation's main aim is to target uneven skin tone - that's me! But it doesn't just cover the uneven skin tone and the hyper-pigmentation, it also works to treat it at the same time and who doesn't love a 2-in-1? With continuous use, over time this foundation will provide benefits from the mineral enrichment that helps to even out the skin tone and deliver brighter skin (or so it claims). I've been using a range of new things to help with this whole 'evening of the skin tone' fiasco, and I'm definitely seeing improvements but I would say that it's the result of a combination of products and that this foundation isn't quite powerful enough to make any radical changes to the skin's quality on it's own, but every little helps!

As well as concealing any imperfections on the skin such as redness or markings, it also helps to slightly 'fill in' (I don't know if that's the best term that I could've used) enlarged pores and smooth them over, making them appear minimised, in the same way that using a primer such as The Pore-Fessional would do. So not only does Even Better provide an amazing full coverage that isn't at all thick or cakey on the skin and actually feels nice and light, this full coverage also manages to last all day long without sliding around. With a few dabs of concealer and a dusting of powder this foundation manages to give me a flawless (or as near to flawless as I'm going to get) base, and by the end of the day it's still looking just as good. Huge thumbs up!

Any extras you  might be interested in: it contains SPF15 which is always a good thing as it prevents sun damage and any further hyper pigmentation (it's good unless you're having your photograph taken - SPF causes those 'ghost faces' with a flash), it's an oil free formula, it's enriched with minerals and it also has anti-aging properties.

Housed in a nice and sleek compact little tube, it's standard 30ml size but there's no bulky and uneccessary packaging that takes up space. It's very minimal and very simple, but it still looks high end and presentable. The squeezy plastic bottle makes it ideal for travelling too as there's no risk of breakage or spillage, and the nozzle makes it easy to control dispensing the product in a super hygienic way. I just dislike the way that there is no indication of how much is left and when I'm going to run out as the bottle is completely opaque. I hate that day when it comes as a shock that there's actually nothing left in the bottle! At £23.00 a bottle it's on middle ground of price range for high end foundations and it is available to buy here, or you can go in store to your nearest Clinique counter and have the lovely ladies colour match you up; they did a good job with me as this shade matches my skin exactly.

I have the shade 01 Alabaster which I would assume is the lightest shade that Clinique offers as it is numbered '01', and this matches me perfectly. However, although I do have pale skin, I know that my skin isn't the fairest out there and if you're especially light skinned then there's a chance that this could be a tad too deep for you and that's a complaint I've heard about Clinique before; that the shades don't go light enough. 
But, it matches me, it works for me, and I LOVE it.

If you're in the market for a new long wearing foundation that offers high coverage then have a wander over to your nearest Clinique counter and have a look at Even Better - you won't be disappointed.


  1. Great review, this foundation sounds so good!


  2. You're so lucky to have found your perfect foundation! I am yet to find my holy grail :(
    Great post :)


  3. I haven´t try this one,glad you like it doll! xx

  4. well done on finding your hg!! my skin is really dry so dont think this is for me :(


  5. i LOVE this foundation!! only prob is that the lightest shade isn't quiiiiite pale enough for me, but i don't really care lol great post love! xoxo

  6. This sounds nice. I've never tried anything from Clinique aside from lip products. Might need to expand my horizons when my MAC foundation runs out. I've got that pesky uneven skin tone too. Excellent review babe! xx

  7. firstly i love your blog and n ow follow.
    This is my mums holy grail foundation too all though I've never tried it myself

  8. Might have to try this foundation- I have never bought anything from Clinique before but I think it's time I tried something out.
    Abby xxx

  9. It sounds great. I suffer from really dry skin so it's no good for me, but I'm going to show my sister :) xxx

  10. i've tested this out on my hand and i love it! it looks very natural which i love!

    -ariel* xoxo

  11. Hannah this is a great review! I'm totally sold! My skin is comb/oily too and i have a lot of redness in my cheeks which can be difficult to cover so off to Boots i go :)
    Anna x


  12. I adore Clinique foundations, Stay Matte is one of my all time favourites! Never tried this one but sounds amazing, they are so underrated! x


  13. This sounds like something that could work for me! Thank you for the informative review


  14. Oh wow this sounds amazing, so pleased for you that you've find something that works so well :) It sounds like my perfect foundation but it's a little out of my price range atm, hopefully I'll find a full time job soon and will be able to treat myself :D
    Love Holly x

  15. I desperately want to try this foundation ! sounds lovely :) http://chloevictoriaguest.blogspot.co.uk
    Chloe xxxx


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