Tuesday 26 June 2012

Body Shop Vitamin E | Stash

I have another day off work again today (4 days in a row - lucky me!), so thought I'd take the opportunity to add some more posts to my blog. Today's topic is my little collection of products from The Body Shop's Vitamin E range.

I am a big fan of The Body Shop, one of my favourite places to go for a little pick me up treat, and I even felt the need to get myself a 'Love Your Body' loyalty card the other week as these give you 10% on any purchase.

The product that started off my little stash was the Vitamin E Eye Cream (pictured below) which claims to: 'help reduce appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles'. It's hard for me to comment on any reduction in 'lines' as I didn't actually have any to start with, but this is definitely a product that I love to use every morning to freshen up my under eye and I am convinced it works wonders on reducing puffiness and circles! This really is a lovely lovely product which I plan on repurchasing. I bought this just after Christmas in The Body Shop's 50% sale meaning it was reduced from £9.50 to just £4.75! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for this offer to be on again so I can stock up.

The second product to join the gang came all the way from duty free at Malaga Airport. In May, my boyfriend and I went on holiday to Marbella and on the way back we were mooching around duty free and he could obviously see the hearts in my eyes as I dragged him around all of the make-up stands, and being the lovely boy that he is he told me that I could choose any one item and he would buy it for me. Aww what a sweetie! But I don't think he understood the difficulty and pressure of having to choose to just one item from the massive selection, and I obviously didn't want to take the piss by picking anything ridiculously expensive either. So, I headed to the pretty small Body Shop stand and ended up holding the Vitamin E Moisture Serum in one hand and the Vitamin C Skin Reviver in my other. I held them out to him to make the decision for me and he picked the moisture serum (a completely random decision on his part).

It didn't work out much cheaper buying it in duty free abroad than if I had bought it instore in the UK, as we worked out it converted to about £9 and it is £10 in store and online in the UK.

I was intrigued by this product as it is infact a pre-moisturiser and used alone it has little benefit to skin, but when used before a moisturiser it helps the product to sink into the skin much better, and personally I love it. It has quite a runny texture and just one pump is enough to cover the whole face.

This made me decide that potentially the best products to go hand in hand with this pre-moisturiser would be ones from the same range. So I had a little nosy on The Body Shop website just last week and there was a 'buy one get one free' offer on some of the products - including the Vitamin E Moisture Cream and the Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream. These are now in the 50% off sale for £4.50 and £5, but when I purchased them it was buy one get one free, so I paid £10 for the night cream, and the £9 day cream was free.

I haven't used these products too much because the first time that I did I ended up waking up with multiple white heads around my chin area :( I have quite oily skin normally and I think these would be more suited to somebody with dry or normal skin. 

Last but not least, when I picked up these two moisturisers I also spotted a Vitamin E Face Mist for £7 and added it to my basket because I thought it would be great for freshening up in the morning and during those hot, sweaty summer days. This product is such a little treat, I really love it - it's fantastic for spraying over make up and also a nice little refresher on a bare face too. 

I recommend you check out The Body Shop's Vitamin E range as they have lots of other products in it that I'm itching to try, including cleansers, toners, face oils, hand creams etc and I know I'd love to extend my collection some more. 



  1. Hi! Thanks for following. Welcome to blogging...I'm new too and we started for the exact same reasons too! I'm liking your blog so far and I love reading product empty posts too hehe. Following you :)

    1. Ah thank you, I'm glad I plucked up the courage to start because it's been fun so far! Your blog's great - keep up the good work hun xx.

  2. I haven't really looked into the Vitamin E Body Shop line, will do on my next visit. The Eye cream is something that I want to try out for sure, as for now I'm almost running out of my Simple Eye Cream. x

    1. I can't recommend this eye cream enough, one of my every day essentials now. Definitely try it out! x

  3. Its a shame it hasn't worked so well for you, as I've only heard good thing about this product. bu thanks for your opinion :D


  4. I have exactly the same products and I'm not impressd by them at all :/.
    Soon I'll blog about the vitamine E range too, I'm just wating until I'll finished them completly!
    But I can say so far, that it doesn't do anything good or bad for my skin. It just not worth the money!
    And the face mist smells good, but doesn't do the job at all!

    pls check out my blog!

  5. Vitamin E is very healing for the skin, but care should be taken that the lotion does not contain too many chemicals. The lower the artificial chemicals the better.

    Buy Vitamin E Beauty Lotions online now!

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