Monday 25 June 2012



I did technically write my 'first blog post' back in February 2012 so I can't really call this my first post, but it is the first one with any proper content in it.

I've had an interest in blogs for such a long time now with a huge long list of other people's blogs and YouTube videos that I read/watch daily and they've really inspired me to start doing it for myself as they seem to really enjoy doing it and I'm sure I would too!

I absolutely LOVE looking at people's hauls, product raves and reviews, tutorials, OOTDs, NOTDs and even their monthly empties - I just find them so interesting to read but maybe that's because I'm a really nosy person. I've been too scared to start blogging for ages but I've decided today's the day and I'm just going to throw myself straight into it and I hope you enjoy.


P.S. I know my layout still needs a lot of work on it, but all the HTML stuff is a bit too technical for me and I'm currently trying to figure it all out from YouTube vid! - Any tips let me know!

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