Monday 25 June 2012

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Hello lovely ladies.
Today I'm going to talk to you about a little E.L.F. order that landed on my doorstep just a few days ago. If you're not familiar with ELF then it stands for 'Eye Lips and Face' and is basically an online make-up store that sells good quality products for teeny tiny prices ranging from £1-£6 (I think!).

I always used to be a little bit wary of buying things from ELF because of the price tag I assumed that the products would just be cheap and nasty. I've found that some of them are a little bit hit and miss and not all of the items are good quality, but for the most part they are little bargains. When I placed my order they had a promotional offer on that if you spent a minimum of £10 then you received free shipping and either a free studio or mineral eyeshadow (you could choose between either studio or mineral but the shade was random), and who doesn't love free stuff? Altogether I received 8 items and it only cost me £16 incl p&p!!

1. Shimmering Facial Whip - £1.50
This was the first time I've purchased one of these and I was really curious about it. I picked up the shade 'lilac rose' and use it as a highlighter on my cheeks and brow bone. You only need to use a very tiny amount and it is VERY shimmery, maybe a little too shimmery for daytime wear, but for £1.50 I'm not complaining.

2. Nail Polish - £2.50
I've ordered nail varnishes from ELF before and I think they're really good and great value for money, the only shade that I repurchased was 'twinkle' a glittery topcoat because I love it so much and had run out. Isn't it pretty?!

3. Tone Correcting Concealer - £1.50
I thought I'd stray away from my trusty Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer and try something new, I thought for only £1.50 it doesn't matter if it's not so great, and unfortunately it's not so great. It's such a shame because I've seen other good reviews on this product but I found it to be too watery and had practically zero coverage on my skin! Maybe I just got a dud product? 

4. Zip Zapper - £1.50
I haven't had the opportunity to try out this product yet but I'm not overly thrilled that it has a rollerball applicator - I find them quite unhygienic. But we'll see how I get on with it as it could always end up being a super cheap miracle product.

5. Lipstick - £1.50
I've ordered a few lipsticks and lipglosses from ELF before and always found them to be 'OK', nothing special and probably worth the pricetag of just £1.50 but worth trying out. This time I tried a new shade: 'Classy' and it really does not suit me as it is far too pale (the website picture and my own are misleading), and nor do I like to the consistency of this product either. It isn't long lasting - 1 hour tops! and doesn't apply smoothly at all. *moan moan moan*. I suppose I'd better balance out all of this moaning and give this little lipstick a compliment and say that I do like the packaging, I think it's very cute.

6. Eyebrow Kit (dark) - £3.75
This is one of the most expensive items that I popped into my online basket and it is by far my favourite from this little order! It's an absolute steal at just £3.75! For a long time I've been lusting after the Sleek Brow Kit but it always seemed to be out of stock everywhere I looked, so I thought I'd try this out and see how I got along with it. The Sleek Brow Kit has now been scribbled off my wishlist and this little bargain will definitely be a repurchase - I absolutely love it. The colour matches my brows perfectly which is rare because most pencils I buy end up being too light :/ and I love the doubled ended brush with an angled end to use with the gel to create the definition, and the fluffier end to use with the powder to fill in the brows. I would definitely recommend this product and at less than £4 what do you have to lose?!

Sorry for not taking a picture before I butchered it with the brush!

7. Studio Stipple Brush - £3.75
A stipple brush is never something that I have owned before because I've always preferred a regular foundation brush, but as the Real Techniques Stippling Brush seems to be all I ever hear about on YouTube videos then I thought I'd give one a try. As I wasn't sure if I'd like it I thought I'd give a cheaper one from ELF a trial before potentially investing in a £11.99 Real Techniques one. I do really like this brush and definitely prefer it for applying foundation than the brush I used to use, gives a much more polished and flawless finish and I am considering trying out a more expensive one to see if the quality is better as this ELF one happened to shed all over my face!
No, my brush is not clean ... :)
8. Studio Single Eyeshadow - £3.75
This was the eyeshadow that I received FREE as part of the promotional offer and I really like the shade that I received, I can't find anywhere on the packaging that says what the shade is actually called - it only says #D21? But after looking on the website I think I got 'wild wheat' a lovely wearable neutral shade with just a hint of shimmer. I would buy some more of these studio eyeshadows because they're really easy to apply and a really buildable and long lasting. Definitely an amazing freebie!
Bad lighting sorry - the shade is much lighter in reality.

I definitely recommend that you check out ELF for yourself here and also follow their page on Facebook here because they always advertise the promotional offers at the time, often free shipping and 30% off for limited time. They have such a huuge range of amazing and affordable products, you'd be crazy not to try some of them!



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