Wednesday 16 October 2013

Review: Vitage Vitamin C Radiance Mask

Excuse my new lighting set up and the visible crinkles and creases in the backdrop sheet - I'm currently pressing that sheet between a bunch of textbooks to smooth it all out and make it look a bit more presentable. I've just got myself a 'light cube' and need a bit of tweaking to figure out how best to use it at the moment, however - no winter gloom defeating me for the next few months! Onto my review for today:

Skin Rejuve Direct (a brilliant skincare stockist) got in touch and asked if I'd like to try any products from their site; I accepted their kind offer and was sent a Vitamin C Radiance Mask*, along with a matching Vitamin C Radiance Serum*. [See my review on the serum here; I called it a 'skin miracle worker']. I've been using the mask weekly for about 2 months now, and although on first use I was quite underwhelmed with it and didn't feel too impressed with the effects, my affection for this mask has since grown to quite a substantial love affair. 


If any of you are thinking of comparing this to the likes of REN's Radiance Renewal Mask (perhaps the most well-known radiance mask), this is very different. It definitely doesn't smell like marmalade - it is fact very much fragrance free, and it isn't a jelly-like consistency either. I would liken this in texture to Sudocrem. It lies thick and opaque on the skin surface and creates no sensation to the skin at all and doesn't really feel like it's doing anything; It doesn't cool, it doesn't refresh, it doesn't tingle, it doesn't dry. Hence my first impressions being a bit 'hmm?', simply because it's unlike many other radiance masks I've come across in the past. 

As the packaging explains, it's a multi-functional mask that is supposed to firm the skin, brighten it, and also improve radiance. It also has anti-aging effects with an attempt to diminish fine lines and wrinkles as it refines the skin texture. I'm going to disagree slightly with the claims of this mask, and say that 'radiance' shouldn't necessarily be it's main branding ..because it does so much more, and it does so many things better! Although, I guess that radiance works the best as the overall bracket term for the effects of the mask, but I feel as though it really cleaned and cleansed my skin after washing it off, and the general clarity of my skin just looked so much fresher and awake, but it also dramatically moisturised and softened my skin as well. It works wonders for hydration and as the weather is getting chillier and there's a bit of a bite in the air, I'm really appreciating the Vitamin C and boost of moisture that this mask provides in just 10 minutes. No more sallow winter zombies, look perked up and refreshed with this radiance mask! 

Vitage Vitamin C Radiance Mask - £26.00 / 75ml | link
(Current special price: £19.00)

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* (c/o) Skin Rejuve Direct
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  1. This looks like a lovely product and despite my love of face masks I don't have anything like this in my collection. I'll have to try this! Great review and love your photos

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. I love a good face mask... tempted by the current price too!

  3. I'm always on the look out for a good hydrating facemask as I have permenantly dry skin, I will have to check this out!

  4. I love this stuff!

    What's your lighting cube like? Desperate for a way to make my photos look nicer now it's gloomier!

    Emma | Dollfaceblogs xo

  5. Lovely post hun!
    this products looks really interesting, defo something I might try!

    Laura xxx

  6. Great review, I'm unfamiliar with the brand but would definitely try it as an option to REN, after all it's good to mix things up a little. Xx

  7. Hi hun

    I've recently tagged you in a 20 Random facts post, You can check it out here: Let me know if you decide to do it :)


    1. Aw thank you for tagging me! I don't really do tags all that often but I shall still take a look at your post anyway :) xxx

  8. I've had this mask for a while and am trying to savour the last few applications, I love it! Just so you know you can actually iron the back drop sheets of the light box on a low setting, I have a similar one (saw yours on instagram) and even though they feel like they'd burn because they're quite plasticky they iron really well and look much smoother. Maybe try between two towels first if you're worried, but I ironed straight onto mine when I used to use them and it worked perfectly :) xx

    1. Best advice ever, thank you!! Much appreciated :) I'm off to go grab a towel and iron my sheet then. Thanks! xxx

  9. This sounds really nice! I love the fact it firms, brightens and improves radiance... that's definitely a multi-tasker. The fact that it doesn't tingle sounds quite good too because I find a lot of masks a little unpleasantly stingy. Anyways, beautiful blog! Following now :)

    Beauty from the Fjord xxx

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  11. I think, I should try it. I have
    some season problems with my skin. I think that vitamins could really help me in this relation.

  12. I think, I should try it. I have some
    season problems with my skin. I think that vitamins could really help me in this relation.


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