Sunday 6 October 2013

October Guest Post | Wishlist for A/W13

Wishlist for A/W13
Post written by Charlotte Christmas

Hello everyone, I'm Charlotte from the blog 'Charlotte Christmas' and Hannah has kindly let me write a post on her lovely blog! Ever since I started blogging, I've only ever written 'beauty-based' wishlists and since we are approaching Autumn, there are a lot of things I have my beady eyes on and I thought I'd show you some of the things that I've been eyeing up recently...

1. Office City Bag | Zara | £49.99
I absolutely love the bags in Zara and I'm constantly looking in store and online at what's out there, I've actually wanted this for some time now, I've just put it off because I have so many black bags. I lob so many things around in my bags and this is perfect because it has so many compartments which is great because I'm kind of ocd and I like everything in it's place. This is also great for carrying my iPad and laptop.

2. Tube Scarf | H&M | £7.99
Snoods are one of the best inventions ever! They look great with a leather jacket and keep you really snug and warm! I currently only own two, in black and grey and I would love to add a burgundy to scarf stash. This colour is great to add some colour to my wardrobe since I only really wear black and white.

3. Five Pocket Skinnies | Forever 21 | £7.00
I don't believe that you can ever have too many skinny jeans, they are such a versatile piece and these from Forever 21 seem to have a really nice fit and this colour is easy to wear with a pair of burgundy converses. I actually don't own any jeans this colour and it would be good to switch it up a bit.

4. Fleece Faux Fur Overcoat | Amazon | £35
For the past year or so, I've been looking for the 'perfect' faux fur jacket. Something black, fluffy and past the bum. I have finally found something to that description. I think it would be great for December time when it's freezing outside. I think this good look great with numbers 1,3,6...what do you think?

5. Fake Fur Collar | H&M | £12.99
Sometimes I have days where I'm wearing a leather jacket and I don't want to wear a scarf but would like something warm around my neck. This fake fur collar could  some character to the whole outfit especially because it's such a classic attire and easy to put together with any outfit!

6. Alter Mid Heel Chelsea Boots | Topshop | £50.00
I'm constantly on the hunt for a nice pair of black ankle boots. It's great how you can switch up the boots for any occasion whether it's at a festival with shorts or to wear with jeans to go shopping. This is such a versatile and timeless piece.

What's on your wishlist for this Autumn/Winter?

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  1. I love the faux fur collars - they're just so stylish and snuggly :o). Xx

  2. I bought the zara bag last year and I used it to death! I'd highly recommend it :) x

  3. I love my Zara city bag, its gorgeous! Im also a fellow O.C.D-er and this keeps it under control haha! will follow your blog :)

    Frankie xXx

  4. Great wishlist, I totally want the faux fur collar too!
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  5. Hi, I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award in my new blog post :)

  6. Love the chelsea boots!

  7. Omg that fur collar looks amazing!!! I would love a beige colored one (mine is more of a scarf than a collar which gets in the way) and I love the Zara bag!! *drools*

  8. That bag is gorgeous! And looks so much more expensive than it is x

  9. Those clothes are really good. I think I should try to find them Not all of them, surely, but I do like some of those options.


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