Wednesday 23 October 2013

Top Picks for Autumn Nails: Reds, Nudes and Darks

When I came to actually pick out the shades for this post, I'll admit that I did actually find it very difficult. Why? Because I don't really like autumn nail shades. Please don't all gasp in horror and shame me, but burgundys, plums, greys and other deep and rich autumn shades aren't my preferred hues to wear on my nails. I don't care for the pastels of spring, and I don't care for the dark shades of autumn. But bring me the fun brights of summer and the glitzy glitters of winter and I'm all smiles! Give it another month and all you see plastered across my Instagram is glitter, gold, sparkles and more glitter! But for now, I'll share with you my typical top picks for the current season of autumn:

Of course, I had to include a bright and bold shade and I've gone with a classic postbox red from Models Own in the shade 'Red Alert'. This shade is as red as reds can come and there's just something so classic and timeless about red nails - they'll never get old and they'll never go out of fashion, yet they'll so fittingly festive too. (Red Alert £5.00). Along the similar lines is a bright berry colour: 'Pomegranate' from Barry M, in their new Gelly Hi-Shine formula. 'Pomegranate' could easily be one of my favourite autumn shades and I've flitted in my head between describing it as: cherry, raspberry or plum, or even just it's namesake: Pomegranate (something fruity about this one!). Either way, it's a deep and rich pink tone that matches with the darker, warmer autumn colours, but is still bright to avoid being dull. (Pomegranate £3.99).

In mirror fashion, my two top picks for nudes are also from Models Own and Barry M (Gelly Hi-Shine). (Two of my favourites brands for nail varnishes). The Models Own shade 'Naked Shimmer' is pretty much my favourite nail varnish shade ever.  It's quite a dark nude shade with a noticable gold shimmer running through it to really make it very pretty. If you think nudes are boring, try having a look at this one. (Naked Shimmer £5.00). Another typical nude favourite is 'Lychee' from Barry M - a favourite of many! (Lychee £3.99).

Sorryyyy, but there are 3 now discontinued shades for darks, but that shows that I rarely buy/use them and just hold on to the dregs of old ones. Don't worry though, I've scavenged up some links from various retailers where you can still get your hands on them. Arguably one that could be in the Reds section, but this first of 3 OPI shades is one of my favourites for Christmas time, and one of the only nail varnishes I've ever finished completely and hunted down to repurchase. Metallic red shade 'I've "Red" The Script' can be found on a site called 'Discontinued Beauty Supplies' - pretty cool, huh? (link). Also discontinued shade 'Changing of the Garnet' is from the 2002 Euro Collection - is that gross I have a nail varnish that many years old??? This one is a perfect toe colour and is an almost indescribable bronze shade - it's a bit yellow, a bit pink, and bit green.. it all depends on which way you look at it, but it reminds me of a cluster of fallen leaves. (eBay link). 'Queen of West Web-erly' is from the 90210 collection and here's an Amazon link incase you fancy getting your mitts on this shade, as it is quite hard to come by now ($8.00 - link). This is again quite a chameleon shade in the bottle, but comes across predominately lilac on the nails. A very pretty metallic shade.

One more: Last October I also blogged about a favourite autumn colour from Models Own called 'Mushroom'. You can see that post here. Although, I have no idea where this bottle has now disappeared too ..I suspect my sister may have pinched it and never returned it! But that's one that I would probably have included, should I have been able to locate it!

Thanks for reading.
What do you think of my autumn nail choices?
What are your favourites for this season?
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  1. The OPI polishes looks so gorgeous - love the shimmer/duochrome effect. Barry M lychee is one of my all time favourite shades, I think it looks great all year round as well. My current favourite nail polishes are Revlon's Facets of Fuschia (a black jelly polish with fuschia glitter pieces) and Revlon's Spice It Up (a ruby red colour with burnt orange shimmer). Love the look of Models Own Naked Shimmer, I also like their Nude Beige colour x

    A beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog by Izzi

  2. Ok I need 'I've red the script' in my life, like now! Great post hun xx

  3. These are all such goregous shades :) I can't believe you're not a fan of autumnal colours! x

  4. Love Models Own Naked Shimmer - one of my autumn faves too!

    Jen xx

  5. Hi Hannah! I love all these shades but naked Shimmer has gone straight on my must buy list!!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict Xxx

  6. I can't believe you don't like autumn nail shades! They're my favorite (: Even though I don't paint my nails that often I would pick a nude color over anything else

  7. I'm gasping in horror! Aha just kidding, I'm the opposite I don't really like brights on my nails. These colors are so beautiful xx

  8. Red Alert is an absolutely beautiful colour. I love a bright red on my nails.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  9. The OPI shades are gorgeous! I buy a new OPI every season, think I might have to go with one of these :)

  10. Naked shimmer looks nice! Some new polishes are on my shopping list!

  11. I really need Lychee and Pomegranate, they both look so pretty! xo

  12. I love the nude shades!
    models own and barry m are my favourite x

  13. Such lovely colours, the natural shades are my favourite at the moment so elegant and neat!

  14. Loving your picks! I've also just posted my autumn nail polish picks but I ended up with 13 colours!! Haha, great post! x

    Leanne | |

  15. Another new fav 'red' of mine is the burnt red from the OPI San Francisco Collection, 'Lost on Lombard'. It's gorgeous for fall <3


  16. Red alert is gorgeous, although I love them all xxx
    Life of Verity

  17. These are really great picks! I just put OPI's Got The Blues For Red on my nails yesterday and it is amazing! I recommend checking it out if you haven't already!


  18. I love all the shades you've picked! They are very pretty colors :)

    Just a little prettier

  19. I usually prefer cream finishes but those three OPI colors are gorgeous! I love all of them and hope they'll bring out something similar this year!


  20. Not going to scold you for not liking dark shades haha, I like all colours all year round, but never seem to buy new A/W shades :-/
    Love all the OPI colours, they look so pretty!

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  21. The OPI I've red the script looks beautiful :)

  22. those are some great picks ! love the colors :)

  23. I absolutely love these colours, they are stunning!! xx

  24. love this post Hannah!! I love the O.P.I one in 'Ive red the script' - such a gorgeous shade! I read your comment on my blog about the anxiety products, by the way. I have to say my 2 i cant live without is the body shop spray and the Bach remedy! Both of them are really worth it :) xx

  25. Such gorgeous colours! I love Barry M Gelly polishes :)

    Rebecca Coco

  26. gorgeous shades- perfect for A/W! i have the two Barry M ones and i love them both! lovely blog- given you a follow :)

    Becci x

  27. Ooo I love the look of Naked Shimmer. I'm always on the look out for interesting nude shades. Nice post.

    Cat x



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