Tuesday 4 February 2014

Models Own 50% Off Sale Haul

Unless you've been under a rock / nowhere near social media for the past fortnight, then you should know that Models Own have recently been heavily campaigning to reach 250,000 Facebook likes to trigger the start of a huge 50% off sale. Well, they made it. I was there on the site with my basket full at 10am ready to check out (eager beaver) and surprise surprise the website did crash from the huge amount of traffic, but thankfully 90 minutes of refreshing later and my order was successfully completed with my new shades on their way to me. 

It's quite apparent that shimmer and sparkles were on the brain when I made this order, because with the exception of one pastel shade, all the rest that I ordered have a very glitzy vibe. Here's what I ordered, for £2.50 a bottle: 

Apple Pie - Fruit Pastel (scented)
As much as I prefer neons, brights and glitters, I couldn't resist ordering this pretty pastel green. More of a soft minty green I'm sure this will be a popular spring/summer shade. The new(ish) fruit pastel range polishes are actually scented, and this one is supposed to smell like apple pie. As much as I'm sure it's inappropriate to encourage the sniffing of nail varnish.... it does have a faint apple-y whiff. I've got the Banana Split (yellow) polish from this range and I hated it, but I'm hoping for better things with Apple Pie. Despite the random numbers(?) printed onto the side of the bottle, it seems to have been a good choice!

Mystic Mauve - Champagne/Shimmer
Such an underrated nail shade - why have I never heard anybody harping on about Mystic Mauve before? It's gorgeous! Definitely my favourite shade from the whole bunch, this champagne shimmer polish is completely smooth and untextured (i.e. it's not a glitter polish), but it sparkles, shimmers and shines like nothing else. In a perfect lilacy-pink shade this is going to be a Valentine's Day essential. 

Purple Haze - Glitter
Continuing with the glitter love, I ordered Purple Haze as an extension of my love for the blue glitter: Bluebelle. The same type of texture of finish, Purple Haze is a deep and rich purple tone as a slight variation to the deep blue shade. I could probably take or leave this shade, because even though yes it is very pretty, but it doesn't stand out to me as anything particularly special or eye catching ..and I'm sure I already have a polish identical to this one hiding somewhere.

Juicy Jules - Glitter
One that I've been after for ages, is glitter polish Juicy Jules. When the light hits it, it goes disco ball crazy. It's so pretty! I know it'll be a bitch to take off, as all glitter polishes are, but I know for certain I'll get so much wear out of this shade - you can get never go wrong with silver sparkles!

Glitter Mini Pack: Scarlet Sparkle, Emerald City, Bluebelle (£8.00 £4.00 for 3)
There's two packs of these glitter minis because I thought they were too perfect to pass up being just £4 and I thought I'd include one in a giveaway - I'm currently compiling some bits and pieces for a (maybe 3,000 follower) celebratory giveaway to thank my readers for all their support. The small sizes are perfect and although it is a kinda Christmassy themed colour range, they're still gorgeous and Bluebelle is one of my top favourites for winter nails so it needs to be shared! Scarlet Sparkle is amazing because the glitter particles are suspended in a red tinted varnish as opposed to clear, so there's no need to use a base coat and it looks amazing worn alone. 

Coral Glaze* and Naked Glow*- New: HyperGel 
I didn't actually order these two new HyperGel shades, they were sent to me as a press sample release, but as they arrived at the same time as my order I thought I'd include them in this post anyway. Currently these brand new Hyper-Gel varnishes are on pre-release in the 50% off sale for just £2.50, but they'll be properly re-released and become readily available from 12th February (at £5 a bottle). They're supposed to be gel effect varnishes, without the need to be cured under a UV lamp (think Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine and Bourjois 1 Second Gel). I'll do a full post on these two closer to their proper release date, but I think Coral Glaze is set to be a summer hit!

If you don't think that I exercised self-restraint this time around, then take a sneak peek at my order from the last time Models Own held a 50% off sale (when they reached 100,000 Facebook likes) and I went crazy ordering 14 nail varnishes here.

I'm happy with all of my purchases, especially Mystic Mauve, and I hope that I've maybe inspired you to take a little look at the Models Own Sale in their few remaining hours and maybe given you an idea of some shades to pick. Some of my general Models Own favourites are: Naked Shimmer, Northern Lights, Bluebelle, Hedonist, and Bora Bora - Check them out!

Use code HALFPRICE for 50% off.
Sale ends Tuesday 4th Feb (Midnight GMT)

Thanks for reading! 
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  1. I bought Apple Pie too! Although I don't think it smells much?

    Great haul!

    Jen xx

  2. Great choices! I love a good glitter. In my purchase I chose that hypergel in naked glow too, it look lovely!

    Sophie x

  3. Great choices, you got some beautiful polishes here :) I caught the sale a day or two after it started and was shocked to find there was still lots to be had! I love the look of the Hyper Gels, can't wait to try mine out x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  4. Gorgeous shades, I love how much detail you've wrote about each polish :) I've got Apple pie too x
    Sweet Dreams

  5. What a great selection you got!

    I must try the Hyper Gel Naked Glow, it looks like the perfect nude colour!

    Laura x

  6. I love all these shades! I dont own any polishes from Models Own! I must sort out my polish collection!


  7. I can't believe how cheap you got all these I need to use the code now to try the new hyper gel polishes x


  8. I love models own they have lots of lovely colours
    will have to check out this sale
    Rachel XX

  9. You got some lovely shades, I'm jealous! <3

  10. Amazing sale haul! I really wanted to dabble but I don't wear nail polish enough and already own far too many of their collection anyway :(
    The Hyper Gel collection looks amazing!

    Peach Pow XO

  11. Beautiful selection, such a bargain x


  12. You picked up some gorgeous shades! I got a few from the new HyperGel collection too, as well as a few new pastels for spring :)

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  13. My order came today! Wish I'd bought coral glaze now.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  14. I saw this discount last week and managed to resist but after seeing your swatch of Mystic Mauve I gave in! Also got a couple of hyper gel ones :) see if they live up to Barry M! Xx

  15. I keep seeing the hyper gel polishes pop up on blogs and really want to try a few, they look really effective.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  16. So many pretty colours :) Models Own are so good! I never used to be bothered about nails but I love their colours xo

  17. Wow, you really went for it! Now I'm wishing I went back for more!! I did get the Apple Pie one though - very pretty. x


  18. such pretty shades, I'm loving apple pie! definitely need to try out some models own polishes x


  19. i got a few things from models own sale too :) couldnt resist !
    you got some gorgeous shades here .
    Melissa x
    My Blog | My YouTube

  20. Naked Glow is so beautiful! I love a good nail polish haul :) you can never have enough, in my eyes!

  21. WOW!! GLITTER !!

    Check my blog out and follow if you like it maybe?
    Thank You
    Lovely post

  22. I love Models Own polishes! I tried to be good and not cave in to the offer but £2.50 a nail polish was too good to resist. I love the Naked Glow! I wish I'd got that now!

    I have a giveaway on my blog to win a few more of the hyper gel polishes if you're interested?

    I've found your link through twitter and I really love the look of your blog. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Jenn | PhotoJennic



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