Thursday 27 February 2014

Topshop Gloss Ink | Sloe Gin

Following on from yesterday's post on a holographic Topshop nail varnish, I'm coming to you today with another new love from the Topshop make up range. 
I swear I love their make up much more than I love their overpriced clothes.
(For reference, that's Topshop 'Profound' on my nails too!)

The Gloss Inks are a new addition to the Topshop make up stands and come in 5 different shades. I chose mine in quite rush and upon reflection, I probably wouldn't have picked the shade Sloe Gin had I had a better opportunity to swatch and decide. I do love it, don't get me wrong, but it's a very brave shade and not all that practical for every day wear. Plus, it's not a very 'me' kinda shade.. but I guess it does us all good to step out of our comfort zones every now and again. 

It comes in a smaller-than-average standard lipgloss tube, with a doe foot sponge applicator and matte black packaging, accentuated with glossy text and still keeping in touch with classic Topshop packaging with the stripes on the tube. It does seem much more upmarket and classy than the usual packaging, not to mention more durable and less likely to get in a state after a couple of trips out in the handbag - Yes, I'm looking at the lipsticks in the white tubes!!

The doe foot sponge applicator is great and seems to come out with the perfect amount of product for one application. It's very simple to apply and I went straight onto my lips with it, no faffing about, and it was opaque and good to go all in one quick, swift motion.  

All looks good, but I've got some big time issues with it, mainly the problem with colour transfer. It's absolutely awful for getting onto your teeth, even after the 'finger trick' (Google it if you're not sure) and after rubbing it off the teeth (it can stain the teeth too!) it almost immediately finds it's way back onto there again. Being such a bold colour this isn't ideal because it's hardly subtle.

I wore the colour all day yesterday, from 9am until around 7pm and it still had a slight hint of the stain but no gloss remaining by that time. The glossy finish lasted around 3-4 hours, and after that it was just the colour stain remaining. However, I did leave bright pink lip smears on every glass/mug/fork that I used throughout the day, even after blotting, which is pretty gross.

It leaves me in a difficult position now for when I actually wear this lip product. It's bright, bold, beautiful and really long lasting, so I'd normally pick a product like this for evenings out or a meal; any occasions when you don't want to faff with touch-ups.. but leaving lipstick prints on glasses and cutlery just isn't classy.. 
I've tried to blot it does but it still likes to transfer, no matter what.
What would you do?
It's a shame because I really love the colour and finish of it!

Topshop Gloss Ink in Sloe Gin - £8.00 | LINK

What do you think?
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  1. I love the colour of this. Its good to step out of your comfort zone. I'd say a lot of my bold colour lip products transfer onto glasses, so I don't think that would bother me too much x

  2. This is such a gorgeous colour! I find a lot of lip products transfer too, even my most expensive lipsticks, so I don't mind that too much. I love the name too!

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  3. nice colour :)))

  4. Such a lovely colour! If you love the colour then I'd say just roll with it! Most lipsticks and glosses will transfer a little bit so it just depends if it's a bug bear or not x

  5. Its such a beautiful color, it looks lovely with your eyes <3

  6. Gorgeous colour, suits you really well! Your nail colour is beautiful, I've never tried a topshop nail polish but they're always on my list.

    Megan -

  7. This colour looks so good on you, shame to hear about it staining everywhere I bite my lips all the time so I'll probably be staying away from this!


  8. I wasn't a massive fan of the texture when I tried it! :(

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  9. This is a lovely shade on you. Shame the colour transfer is a bit rubbish, I am a nightmare for getting products on my teeth anyway as I don't pay attention so I may steer clear of these!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  10. My friend tried this out the other day and it looked fabulous on her as it does you! So Pigmetned.

    Emily xx

  11. I think it really does suit you. I'm quite keen to purchase one of their gloss inks :) X


  12. This is gorgeous, I love it! I haven't tried any topshop makeup before, but keen to explore the range!
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  13. Ah I was really interested in getting one of these but the lipstick on teeth problem has really put me off as it's one of my biggest fears hahaha! Such a shame :( x

  14. I love this color, you really suit it, I don't mind when lipstick/ lip gloss' transfer i usually drink through a straw and it doesn't bother me on forks or spoons, great post ^_^
    Lynsey x

  15. That color looks really great on you! Love the post!

  16. Oh that is a shame about it even staining your teeth, it really is a gorgeous colour that looks fab on you!

    Sophie x

  17. beautiful colour! x

  18. This colour is so stunning on you Hannah! I really like the look of these and they seem so pigmented, I'd just have to have someone on teeth watch all night!


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