Saturday 22 February 2014

Retractable Real Techniques Winners and Discount Code

Hey kids.
Instead of just tweeting about it, I thought that I'd throw together a blog post that announces the two winners of my recent Retractable Real Techniques Brush Giveaway. The giveaway received quite a bit of attention, and more than 4,000 entries(!), so I thought it only fair to make sure that it was clear that winners had be drawn and who they are.

But that's not all for today..
This was mentioned in my original post on the brushes, but in case you missed this part, I do have a 15% discount code for the site My Pretty Face Place ( which you can use on any Real Techniques or EcoTools purchases.
They also stock brands such as NYX, Sigma, Stila, EOS, and more.
- Use the code: 02cosmeticcrave15 at the checkout
- The code is only valid for the month of February (2014)
- The code is only valid on Real Techniques and EcoTools products
My Pretty Face Place ship to absolutely anywhere in the world (shipping costs apply) and especially for UK residents the Real Techniques brush prices are far lower than what we'd pay on the highstreet.
I wish I'd seen that they sell the Powder Brush for £5.98 before I spent nearly £11 on one in Boots!
So, if you were eager to win one of these brushes, but sadly weren't one of the lucky ones, then you can always make a sly little order and spare a couple of pennies to get them anyway.

Using the 02cosmeticcrave15 discount code, the Kabuki Brush would be £5.05 and the Bronzer Brush would be £6.62 (plus p&p).

Thank you to every single entrant of my giveaway, and a big congratulations to Katie and to Jemma. You should both have an e-mail in your inbox from me asking for your postal details! :) 

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Thanks for reading!
Have a great weekend guys!
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*02cosmeticcrave15 is not an affiliate code.
I earn no commission from sales, it's simply a discount for my readers.
Check out my February Gold advertiser, Elysia, and her amazing blog:


  1. How come the brushes are so cheap on that website? I would love to buy some real techniques from there but it seems too good to be true!!

    1. You know, I should probably know the answer to that one! I think it's because they're direct sellers, but I will have to ask and find out what their secret is. The shipping prices do go off weight though so I'm not sure if that factors in at all.
      They are genuine sellers - they're on the Real Techniques 'where to buy' page near the end of the 'international' section :) xxx

    2. Hi Megan! It's actually what the brushes cost here in the United States, so we're passing those prices on to our international customers!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the discount code! xx
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward

  3. I love the look of these brushed they are so perfect for traveling :) Becki from xx

  4. Great post, I have just made a massive order! Thanks for sharing the code.

  5. I could hug you right now. Only came across your blog today and thought I'd check the website out! Got the Real Techniques Core Collection inc delivery for just over £13! So glad I didn't spend the £20 odd on every other website! Such a good site! x

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