Tuesday 12 March 2013

Review: Aussie '3 Minute Miracle' Reconstructor For Damaged Hair

Okayyyyy.. so a couple of weeks ago I was brimming with energy and couldn't shut up about how I was going to blog every single day of March as a little challenge to myself. How did that work out for me? Well I've just skipped four days ..so not too great! I've had a lot on my plate recently and thought that blogging would be a productive distraction and some time well spent taken out of a busy day, but in reality I was just trying to juggle one too many things and eventually crashed and burned - Ooops.

Intro aside, today's review is of my absolute number one favourite hair mask and it's cheap as chips and a widely available one from Aussie. There is a slight variant of the price of this depending on where you buy it from, but I think it's standard RRP could be £4.99. Around different supermarkets and stores such as Boots and Superdrug, however, you will frequently be able to find offers such as '2 for £7' or '3 for £10' across the Aussie line so you're guaranteed to grab yourself a bargain.

It's not just price of this deep treatment that makes this a winning product for me, it also has very impressive genuine results on hair condition too and can give much more expensive and higher end products a run for their money! The results may not be a permanent reparative solution for damaged and split ends of the hair, but it definitely offers a brilliant short term fix. '3 minute miracle' is quite an apt name for this as it only needs to be left on the hair for a couple of minutes after washing as usual and then it is rinsed away to reveal hair that has had a brand new lease of life breathed into it - just what we all need from time to time!

It gives exactly the results that you would expect; soft, smooth, manageable, 'silky', and just general healthy conditioned hair, but this one had an added bonus of having the most amazing smell thrown in the mix too! Most people will be familiar with the scent of Aussie products, but it's a super sweet and yummy bubblegum fragrance that fills the whole bathroom and lingers on the hair after use too.

Of course, the packaging of this bottles makes it not the most convenient for travel (it doesn't have a real lid at all, just a squeezey hole in the bottom), but I don't think that a deep treatment for my hair is top of my list for things to pack for a trip away, so that doesn't matter too much anyway! And also, be careful if you have butter fingers because it doesn't fare too well if you drop it. 

There's a couple of other variants of Aussie's 3 minute masks, such a 'Take The Heat', 'Frizz Remedy', 'Colour', 'Luscious Long', and their newest release: 'Miracle Shine' too. I've tried the 'frizz remedy' mask before too and found it to have very similar results to this reconstructing mask, although the reconstructing mask seemed slightly more intense. It's personal preference which mask you feel is most suited to your hair but I doubt there's a whole lot of difference between the formulas and this one never, ever lets me down!

Whether you're on a budget or not, if you're looking for something to perk your hair up then this is one to give a try!


  1. I used to use this so much and just haven't bought it for ages! Your review has made me want it all over again haha! Great post xo


  2. love Aussie products :)

  3. I love this product, I've been using it three times a week for the last month after bleaching my hair it's one of the only things that actually makes a difference. It smells really nice too doesnt it :)x


  4. I love Aussie products i can never fault them! I seriously need to repurchase this it's been on my list for months!



  5. Love this conditioner! I always buy it when my hair starts to feel abit rubbish! xx

  6. I love this products, also really like the miracle moist shampoo and conditioner aswell :)


  7. I've never tried this but I love the smell of all Aussie products! I can always tell just by the smell when I'm doing someone's hair & they've used Aussie...odd little fact there =) xx

  8. I'm still yet to try this product! Must pick it up on my next shopping trip ;)


  9. love this stuff...used to be obsessed with it but now used it for a while, may have to repurchase!


  10. I am a new lover of this product, I always thought it was just over hyped but its actually amazing!! xx

  11. I loooooove Aussie 3 min miracle! Hero product of mine! xx

  12. Omg I love the smell of this! Good enough to eat! I also said I'm going to blog every day too haha! :)

    Siobhan xxx


  13. I STILL haven't tried this, I really must as it's raved about so so much! x



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