Friday 27 July 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh 8-in-1 BB Cream | Review

Following, or 'liking', all sorts of random pages on Facebook does have its advantages. Most of the time my news feed is clogged up with spammy posts about things I couldn't care less about, but a few weeks back the Maybelline page caught my eye with giving away free samples of their new BB cream. All you had to do was follow a link to their website, enter in your details and they would send you out 3x1ml of their samples.

I don't use very much product when using BB cream or tinted moisturiser because they tend to be for the days I'm opting for super light coverage and a fresh face, so I can probably get 3 applications from 1 sachet, so they sent me enough for 9, maybe 10 uses of the BB cream - absoluuutely free. I think this is a very decent amount for a free sample and definitely gives you enough of a chance to decide whether or not you like the product and want to buy the full size. The only down side being that all of the samples were sent in the shade 'light', perfect for me as I have fair skin.. but maybe not so perfect for others. 

Garnier also gave away 3x1ml of their BB cream not so long ago too, and probably still are if you visit their website, but they actually also gave the option of choosing the shade that you wish to receive. I liked the Garnier BB cream ('Miracle Skin Perfector') sample so much that I actually went out and bought the full size of it (£9.99 for 50ml at Boots), so giving away these free samples does work! 

However, I wasn't so impressed with Maybelline's attempt (sorry Maybelline, I still love you though) and definitely will not be purchasing the full size bottle, nor using up my 2nd or 3rd sample sachets.
This BB cream makes 8 claims:
Creates a natural glow
Compliments skin tone
SPF30 UV Protection
Hydrates all day
Blurs imperfections
Oil-free, non-greasy
Looks visibly smooth.
Feels fresh
The main thing that I feel it is missing is any sort of coverage, which many other BB creams on the market do offer, even if it is just light coverage. This only claims to 'blur imperfections', and although I'm not sure how this little cream intended to blur my skin, all I know is that it didn't do a very good job of it. I wouldn't even really compare this a 'tinted moisturiser' because there's not much of a 'tint' to it when applied on the face, and I didn't feel much added moisture to my face either, so it really is just.. a cream? A sun protectant cream at best. The texture was very runny and applied a little streaky I feel, even though I tried applying with a) my fingers, b) a regular foundation brush, and c) a stippling brush, I struggled to achieve any sort of smooth finish with it, and even after applying powder on top of this it still looked a little oily after only an hour or so wear time - but maybe that's just my extra oily skin!

For some people this may suit their needs perfectly, this just definitely was not a BB cream I will be leaping out of my seat to put back on my face. I will stick to my Garnier one in future! 

Do you 'get' the BB cream hype? Have you tried either the Garnier or Maybelline ones?
What's your favourite BB cream?


  1. really good review! was going to maybe try it but probably won't bother now! thank you! x

  2. Fab review!! I wasn't too impressed either.

    Sadie x

  3. I bought the full-size of this thinking it would be amazing when it first came out.I picked up the wrong colour (I got Universal Glow instead of Light) by mistake and I wasn't too sure whether I liked the product not only because I got the wrong colour but because there was such a rave about it I thought I should have fallen in love with it! haha
    Anyway, great review!:)

    Sam xx

  4. i also had these samples and the garnier ones and like you i purchased the garnier full sized and loved it until i misplaced the bottle! :O lol I now use a Rimmel one (9 in 1) which is pretty good and have finally recieved my Witch BB Cream which I also won in a giveaway (the same one?!) and I'm loving it! :) I love that it's good for my skin as I do suffer with bad skin so hoping this will help to sort it out whilst at the same time giving me good coverage when I'm being raveged by breakouts!!! :P :( lol
    Thanks for the reviews always helpful! :) x

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