Sunday 29 July 2012

New Mac Lipsticks - 'Lustering' & 'Vegas Volt'

Hi there! I just wanted to share with you all cheeky little purchase that I made last week and I am very glad that I did - no regrets at all in the decision to have £27 deducted from my bank account.
I ordered two Mac lipsticks: 'Lustering' which is a lustre finish (clue is in the name), and 'Vegas Volt' an amplified creme finish. The decision to buy Vegas Volt was heavily influence by the very beautiful Laura from Belles Boutique and her fairly recent instagram pictures and 'What I'm Wearing' blog posts featuring this shade. It's one of those that you see and instantly fall in love with and just know that you have to get it.

I found Lustering to be an extremely wearable shade, it's a hot pink shade but also soft and sheer, and glossy too. In the past I have seen it to be described as 'Impassioned's little sister' (Impassioned is a bright, bright hot pink), and I would agree that Lustering is a more muted version. It feels super soft and moisturing on the lips, like you've just put a balm on instead of a lipstick. Overall, great for every day wear and a lovely shade.

Vegas Volt
Being an amplified finish this means that the colours are extremely pigmented, but they are also smooth and creamy - this one applies like an absolute dream and I think I am obsessed with it! I never thought I'd be one for an orange lip but I really do love this. It's not too orange, its more of a coral-y pink colour and would look beautiful on a bright, summers day. I've been finding the wear time pretty good, it lasted about 5 hours on a shopping trip at the weekend before I felt I had to reapply (in River Island changing rooms haha!). 


'Vegas Volt'

Mac lipsticks retail for £13.50 £14.00.

Have you tried either of these shades? What's your favourite shade/finish?



  1. Great picks :D absolutely love the top photograph! My favorite go to lipstick is Creme Cup, it was my first ever lipstick from MAC and i love it haha
    I'm your newest follower :) hope you'll stop by and check out my blog too :)

  2. Love the "Vegas Volt" shade obsessed with that colour at the moment and your blog is really cute! I'm a new follower, check out my blog if you have the time.. Aly xx

  3. i LOVE vegas volt... i cant stop wearing it! lustering looks nice... i have impassioned so this might be a good day version for me to try


  4. I havent tried any MAC products but the Lustering Lipstick is gorgeous! MAC is so overpriced in Australia so I'm asking my hubby to pick some up for me when he goes to America in November


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