Sunday 19 May 2013

Sunday Samples (#1)

First in line for trial for Sunday Samples are:

Dr.Organic Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo
YvesSaintLaurent Forever Youth Liberator Serum
Doctor Duve Anti-Aging & Firming Eye Cream

So, what did I think of each of them then?

Dr Organic Shampoo - This sachet of shampoo only provided enough for one use and it did leave my hair in such a lovely and nourished condition after use; lovely and soft and not too squeaky clean. My only downside would be that there was really minimal lather and that always leads me to using too much product because I enjoy a big mountain of foam on top of my head! Although lather is just an illusion of it working better and that's a personal preference that I like lots of foamy bubbles. It available to buy from Holland and Barratt for only £5.99 (link). Would I buy the full size? Potentially!

Yves Saint Laurent Serum - A serum is a skincare step that I'm a bit hit and miss on; more often miss and have never really found one that's done a whole lot for me. This was the same, I didn't notice any difference from when I used it and when I didn't so for £61 for a full size bottle (link), I can say with certainty that I won't be buying a bottle for myself.

Dr Duve Eye Cream - My jaw nearly crashed through the floorboards when I saw that a 30ml tube of this eye cream costs £115 - wowzaaa! (link). I squeezed the product into a small pot and there was enough to use twice a day for two weeks and in that time I would've expected to notice something pretty amazing, especially for a three figure price tag. It was nice and light on the skin and sunk in quickly, was the right level of moisturising but was just nothing that blew me off my feet. Although, maybe if I was older than 20 and actually needed my eye area 'firming' then things could have been different!

So, nothing life changing and no new holy grail favourite products discovered. But they were all pleasant products to use and it was nice to change things up in my routine and try some things that have been sitting around for months! I hope you all enjoyed this post on something a little bit different.

Next time on Sunday Samples:

Glam Glow Mud Mask | Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment | L'Oreal Revitalift Moisturiser | Clarins BB Cream

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  1. This is such a good idea! I'm moving house soon and have found SO many sachets in my toiletries drawers xx

  2. This is a fab post - Made me realise how much I need to start going through some of my samples! xxx

  3. This is such a great idea! I have a mountain of samples too and just never get round to using them. I'm going on holiday soon so perhaps I could take some away with me.

    You have a lovely blog :) x

  4. I love getting samples of thing but like you they just get shoved into a drawer! What a brilliant Idea for your blog! Looking foward to next weeks post!!

  5. The price of the serum and eyecream is unbelievable! x

  6. I agree, such a brill idea! I should do this, not necessarily on my blog but just to use up all these samples eventually :) xx

  7. That is way too expensive! Especially when something for half the price is going to work better. It's good at that you had a sample of it! Live high end for a moment or two :)

  8. This is such a fab idea, I'm swimming in samples myself, I just never get around to using them :)

  9. My gosh girly how have you ended up with so many samples?

  10. Great idea! I've got a box full of samples that I need to start using up lol. Do you have access to Roc skincare items? If so, you should try out one of their serums. I think they're lovely. :)

  11. Great idea! I can't believe how much that eye cream is! I'd rather just use that money towards some Botox if I need firming up that bad lol xx

  12. I'm currently doing the same thing, I have so so many samples to get through! x

  13. Where did you get all of these samples from?

  14. I'm very impressed by the detail of your blog posts about the health. This is going to be very helpful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



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