Monday 15 October 2012

Review: Philosophy Microdelivery Peel

Hello lovely ladies. I've felt like my blog's been a little bit 'haul heavy' recently after losing all self control and going a little bit wild with my spending habits. So, to mix things up a bit I've decided to do a couple of reviews on my favourite products of the moment, the first one being this 'at home skin peel kit' by Philosophy.

Philosophy describes this as  a vitamin C / peptide peel that can be used at home to resurface and rejuvanate sun-damaged, hyper pigmented and aging skin. It's a two step kit and is recommended not to be used daily as it is quite harsh on the skin and to be careful of sun exposure directly after use as it can make the skin more sensitive.
The first of the two steps is the vitamin C / peptide crystals that are in the tub and act as an exfoliating scrub. The directions that came with the product recommend to use a teaspoon amount of this scrub and to gently massage around the whole face for around a minute without scrubbing too hard as it is quite an abrasive scrub. Once your whole face is covered in a layer of this lovely, thick yellow scrub then you begin step two with the lactic and salicylic acid activing gel - this is the fun part! Applying 'a generous teaspoon' of this activating gel and massaging it around your face ontop of the peptide scrub is what really makes it work. When I read on the instructions that when the two products make contact they will form a white foam and warming sensation I was a little bit dubious about what to expect but it actually a really pleasant feeling. It makes it feel like the product is really doing something to your skin as it is like a chemical reaction happening right infront of your eyes on your own skin! Do not be frightened of it though, I assure you that if you follow the detailed step-by-step instructions on the product then you cannot go wrong and will reap the full benefits from this product.

The instructions explain that you can massage the foam on your face for a couple of minutes for extra exfoliation or you can simply leave it to work it's magic by letting it sit on your face (only for a few minutes though!). What I tend to do is to make sure my whole face is covered with the foam and then only pay close attention to massaging the areas where I have slight pigmentation, marking or scars which tend to be around my mouth area. I do have quite bad scarring on my face and I can hand on heart say that after just ONE use of this product I did notice an improvement in the condition of my skin; the scars and redness were significantly faded and the general appearance looked much brighter and clearer. I don't want to 'over use' this product as I definitely want to make it last (you'll see why when I let you know the price tag) so I have been using it 1-2 times per week for about five weeks and have seen dramatic improvements. I will definitely continue to use this product regularly but whether or not I will repurchase it is a different story.. because.. deep breath.. this bad boy costs £59.00!! Wow. It's not a massive amount of product either, the scub is 2oz and the gel is 2fl oz so it is incredibly expensive, but it definitely does work and if you had that amount of money to burn and needed something that really works to get rid of scarring and pigmentation then I'd say go for it and good luck to you with it.

Also, before you start thinking I'm incredibly rich and splashed out for this product I actually purchased it on eBay for less than £5.00 without really knowing what it was. I was just looking for new skin care and somebody had said they'd used this once and weren't too keen so were selling it - I'd heard brilliant things of Philosophy's skin care and have used a couple of their hair products in the past so I knew I was getting a bit of a bargain, it wasn't until I saw it on the Philosophy website of how much it really costs that my jaw dropped to the floor! Lucky me!
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  1. Improvements to scars, I need this in my life, looks and sounds so good xxx

  2. great blog. your cosmetic posts are very interesting and helpful- and your pictures are so nice!! keep on blogging! :o)

  3. Ive been using the Alpha H Liquid Gold for the past couple of weeks which is similar to this but don't feel as though its really doing all that much so im going to try this as it sounds better x

  4. Wow, what a bargain you got yourself! :) xo

  5. This sounds pretty good and you got an amazing deal! Will look for it next time I'm at Sephora :) x

  6. The peel seems have beautiful effect in our body.

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