Tuesday 21 May 2013

Review: Fillast High Perfection Lips | Hydrating and Plumping Balm

This pretty pink little box was one of the things that I pulled out of my jam packed full North Meet Up 'Goodie Bag' back in April and wasn't all that struck by on first impressions - I brushed it off as a simple lip balm that had tried to be unique and had spruced things up in cute and girly packaging. I was wrong. Fillast High Perfection Lips* is much more than that.

So, since the increase in popularity of Hydraluron, hyaluronic acid now seems to be everybody's favourite ingredient and nobody can get enough of it. What does it do? It's like the God of moisturisation that plays an important role in the skin to keep it hydrated and acts as a water reservoir, and that's what Fillast acts upon.

It's all pretty science-y, but all of Fillast's 12 products work using the Hyaluronic Acid Technology to work as anti-agers and extreme moisturisers by retaining the skin's optimum moisture levels. Fillast offer an indepth explanation to how it all works here but it involves the likes of degrading of molecules and the majority of it went straight over my head - good luck if you can understand it!

'High Perfection Lips' works specifically on the lip area (well done, Sherlock) to dramatically hydrate the lips and give the illusion of them being fuller and plumper, as well as reducing the appearance of any wrinkles.  It doesn't have any of that tingling sensation like a typical 'lip plumper', the plumping comes from retained moisture. The product comes out of the tube as a clear cream and feels almost invisible on the lips, quite smoothing like an ordinary balm would but very light and it has a slightly glossy finish too, although there's no stickiness. Because of the glossy finish but none-tacky formula I find this works well to use during the daytime simply alone as a minimal glossy lip look, or as a primer/base for a more matte lipstick, and sometimes I even put it over a lipstick too. It can also be used as an overnight treatment.

I've been using this almost daily for weeks now and it's been something that I've really enjoyed using as it's a very nourishing and luxurious lip treatment, although the overall appearance of my lips isn't something that I've noticed a dramatic change to; they don't look or feel a great deal 'plumper', but I can say that I haven't suffered with any dryness or chapped lips since using this so I guess it is doing something!

At £36 for a 15ml tube it's by no means just a cheap and cheerful lip balm in a pretty pink and silver tube; it's some high tech science based luxury lip therapy, that may not be for everybody but if it's something that may have struck an interest with you then you can find out more about it here

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* (c/o) Fillast Lips / North Meet Up


  1. I love the sound of this gloss! I'm not normally a gloss person, but this might be one of those exception things. I think for the time being I'll just add to a wishlist as that's quite expensive for a lip gloss on a whim! xx

  2. I've been using mine and I agree, my lips don't feel much 'fuller' but it is nice to use and feels nice over my lippie. DEFO would not be paying £36 for it though :O ha xoxo

  3. I was really intrigued by the name of this but I just can't justify the price if it doesn't make a huge difference to the plumpness (is that a word?!!) of the lips. Keep us updated if anything improves! xx

  4. It is super expensive, but cute packaging tho! lol :)


  5. Wow £36 is such a lot of money for something like this, especially if you haven't really noticed any kind of change while you've been using it

    Becky @ thelittleblogofbeauty.tumblr.com


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