Saturday 25 May 2013

Drugstore Lipsticks Haul | Barry M and Rimmel

Hey there lovely ladies, happy Bank Holiday weekend! I hope you all have some exciting things planned to get up to this weekend, but I just thought I'd quickly share with you some recent lipstick purchases that I made from two very affordable highstreet/drugstore brands. I know that four lipsticks doesn't constitute much of a 'haul', but I thought that it was worth showing to you all to share some of the gorgeous shades. All four of these were ordered at the same time from Superdrug online but they're all widely available so you should be able to find them in most Boots and Superdrug stores.

Rimmel Kate Moss (Matte) | Shade 101 'Soft Pink' - £5.49 (link)
Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Perfection | Shade 16 - £5.49 (link)

If you saw my summer lipsticks post then you will know that I'm a fan of bright lips; whether it's hot pink or bright coral/orange, I like them to be vibrant and bold. That's all well and good but sometimes you just need something a bit more subtle and wearable for the day time. This was something that my collection was lacking. I know, crazy - right? Who doesn't own everyday natural colour lipsticks? And hold onto your hats, because I literally don't own one single nude shade. 

Soo, I headed to Rimmel for my answer to some softer and more 'go with everything and anything' kind of shades. The darker shade (#16) is literally my dream colour and I am IN LOVE. I cannot stop wearing this, it's just the perfect shade of pink for me. The lighter one is maybe a touch too light to be perfect, but I still really like it and it's unlike anything else that I own as it leans slightly lilac-y. Plus, these matte formulations from Kate Moss's collection are really spot on - more like a semi-matte/satin finish that last forever.

Barry M | Shade 310 'TMLP' - £4.49 (link)
Barry M | Shade 151 'Sunset' - £4.49 (link)

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.. that lipstick is green. 'TMLP' or 'Turn My Lips Pink' is a little bit of a novelty and a fad that I bought into, but hey - I was curious! This lipstick applies clear at first and then reacts to the natural pigments/alkali in your lips and transforms in colour to be a shade suited for you and only you. A personalised lipstick? That's pretty damn cool. On my hand it turned into a light pink but on my lips it went a darker and more berry shade, which I guess just shows how different it can turn out on different people/skin. 'Sunset' is a gorgeous bright shade that is the perfect mix of red and orange to create a bright dark coral.

All affordable and gorgeous pink shades to lighten things up for the summer months.
Which is your favourite?

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  1. Rimmel Lipsticks are really high quality & have a great price line too:) But I must say, that I've not tried out yet some Barry M lipsticks - is the quality and long-lasting formula the same like the one from Rimmel London?


  2. I want this its like magic. Would love to see how it turns out on me.

    Kate - Sparkle Dust x

  3. Love the Rimmel shade in 101 - not sure what I think of the Barry M option though! x

  4. Soft pink is beautiful!

  5. Love the idea of that Barry M TLMP...I'm a sucker for a gimmick! :-)

  6. Wow, I love the look of them all!
    I would honestly buy all of these, especially 'Sunset' - I love how bright it looks, I really want something similar in my collection.

    Emily x -

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. These are my favourite drugstore brands! I really want to try the green one - heard some really good things previously! xx

  9. I love the look of both the Rimmel shades, they definitely do some of my favourite lipsticks. xo

  10. 16 does look like a beautiful shade :) The green also looks really cool!

    Kate xo |

  11. I LOVE the 'magic' Barry M one, it's a lovely pink toned red on me - bold but wearable. Your other choices look gorgeous too, I definitely need to check out some more of the Kate Moss lippies.

  12. When I first saw that green, I was scared! And your blog is amazing, tbh and I'm now following!
    My blog: Teeniolect

  13. I love Rimmel lipstick! One of the best in drugstores. I keep seeing the green lipstick everywhere, seems so tempting!

  14. I reaaaaaaaaally want the TMLP lipstick, it's such an amazing idea and looks so pretty on the lips in the reviews I've seen xx

    Gemma |

  15. That green lipstick is crazy, ive swatched it in store a few times but I'm not sure.

    Pretty colours though.
    Lovely post.

  16. I sooo want to try that green lipstick... would love to see what colour it comes out like. Very interesting product form Barry M :D


  17. I love the Rimmel lipstick, not the matte one, will definitely be treating myself to that at some point xx

  18. Love Barry M "Sunset" ive never tried there lipsticks before but love eveything else they do :)


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