Thursday 30 May 2013

The Body Shop Mango Range

I've mentioned in a past post that the 'Mango' line from The Body Shop is my absolute favourite and that I wanted to do a full post on some of the products from that range. I'd say that I have the majority of the products from the line (6 out of 11 items), but there aren't any more that I'm strongly lusting after - a mango lip gloss and bars of soap are nothing to get excited over anyway. Last time I was instore in TBS (The Body Shop) they seemed to have a little bit of a campaign going of 'What's Your Flavour?', meaning that different moods are reflected by a different scent and apparently mango reflects feeling 'cheeky'. I'm not so sure that cheeky is how I feel when I use these products, but oh well. Without further ado, let's get onto chatting about some gorgeous mango-y goodies..

It goes without saying that of course every single one of these products is bursting with the same zesty and fruity fragrance. It's really exotic and tropical - absolutely perfect for bright, sunny days in the summer or on holiday. It's a scent that really makes you feel happy and fresh. I'd say that it's one of the lighter scents available from TBS and the use of just one of the products won't leave you with an overpowering 'stay all day' lingering scent of mango. However, with all of the products smelling the same they are absolutely ideal to layer with each other, starting by washing with shower gel, moisturising with the body butter, and finishing with the body mist, to create more of an intense and long lasting fragrance.

Mango Body Butter - £13.00 / 200ml
The body butters from TBS are some of their best selling and their most well known products, and potentially what made the store as famous as it is today. Out of all of the moisturising body creams/butters/lotions/potions that I've tried, these ones always come out on top as the most nourishing and long lasting. The silky soft feeling on the skin lasts all day and night, and basically until you next wash your body. Some of the body butters have different 'textures', and this mango one has a smoother and more runny consistency than others, but it's still super rich and melts into the skin straight away.

Mango Body Scrub - £12.50 / 200ml
Gotta love a good scrub up from time to time. This mango scrub is a 'sugar scrub' and to look at it reminds me a little bit like a frozen slush, or some other kind of iced fruity summer drink. It scoops out of the tub as a heavy grainy consistency and offers a decent exfoliation onto the skin before dissolving from the body heat into a thick oil that moisturises the skin after the exfoliation from the sugar particles. This is my favourite kind of scrub; one that melts down into an oily base to offer a two-in-one action of exfoliation and moisturisation. I've found that a little goes a long way with this too. 

Mango Shower Gel - £4.00 / 250ml
This is the newest addition to my mango family, hence why the bottle is still fairly full, but these shower gels seem to last a lifetime anyway. For £4 it's pretty good value! The first time I used this I was shocked at how intense the fragrance was from this, and I'm pretty sure that I washed myself three times over the first time that I tried this because I just felt like I was in heaven. Other than the gorgeous smell, this is really just your average shower gel formulation - it lathers up to a big pile of bubbles and doesn't dry the skin out. Using this is one of the perfect bases to 'layer' up the mango scent.

Mango Beautifying Oil - £9.00 / 100ml
This is the bad boy that started off the whole mango obsession. Exactly one year ago from now, probably even exact to the same week, these 'beautifying oils' were released and they sounded like a dream product that I ran out to buy on the first day they landed in the shops. Considering they have a gorgeous scent, can be used in the hair, on the face, and on the body, in a lightweight and completely none greasy formulation, I can't quite put my finger on the reason why I don't reach for this more. I think it's because it isn't quite intense enough to nourish my dry hair, but it can make quite a nice and light 'hair perfume', I don't feel comfortable putting something so heavily fragranced on my sensitive face, and I just seem to reach for lotions rather than oils to moisturise my body - leaving this as a quite a redundant product really. (For me, anyway).

Mango Body Mist - £7.50 / 100ml
I would highly recommend these body mists to anybody looking for a light and fresh summer fragrance. TBS have just released some perfumes in their fruity scents, which would essentially be just the same as these but in a more concentrated and longer lasting formulation. These glass bottles are lovely and presentable; I always like bottles that look good sitting on a dresser, and the strength of the scent is just enough to perk up a day with a burst of fresh and zesty fruity-ness. The perfect final layer to the scents. 

Mango Lip Butter - £4.00 / 10ml
I often forget about this lip butter, and that's because it isn't all that nourishing or moisturising on the lips. It's a hard butter consistency in a not so user-friendly tub. It is highly scented, but just not all that much loved. The only real let down from the collection! 

Soo.. that is my little hoard of products from The Body Shop's mango line. I don't get a whole lot of use from the lip butter or the beautifying oil, although I want to start getting back into using the oil again - it's been neglected for so long! The body butter and the body mist are my absolute favourites and I would highly recommend looking at this range. 

Although some of the items may seem highly priced, The Body Shop is never without some kind of deal or sale running and it's rare that you'll have to pay full price for something that you're after. Right now, for example, the whole store is running 30% off online and in store - so go take advantage and pick yourself up a bright and happy product for summer!

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  1. The mango scent is one of my favourites too, that and Shea butter. I wish you hadn't pointed out they have 30% off as now I want to buy lots! I've never tried the oils and am intrigued despite mixed reviews xx

  2. Gaaah, all of this looks bloomin' gorgeous! I have the Mango lip butter, but I'm really tempted by the oil and body mist! xo

  3. I love the mango range at The Body Shop, I've got the scrub, shower gel, soap and body butter. I think it's just a great fruity sort of sweet summer scent! And the colour makes me happy, haha!

  4. Really enjoyed reading this post! I love their Moringa and Satsuma scented body butters but never tried Mango, you really made me want to get some of these goodies now though aha :) x

  5. Oooh I love Body Shop body butters. They all smell amazing!!


  6. They are amazing! I must admit i love the papaya one and the satsuma one they are heavenly! And i am so very excited for the body mist and perfume variants!! They smell so authentic to the body butters its too much excitement for me :)

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  7. Think I might have to pick some of these up, love Mango scented products :)

    Stacey x

  8. I totally agree about the oil, I bought the coconut one expecting it to be a miracle product but after one or two trial uses I find I tend to forget it's in my drawer. I should give it a second chance really! Xxx

  9. You have to get more use out of your lip butter. Been using mine for months now and it hardly looks touched. Keeps your lips so nourished too :) Now following via GFC & bloglovin :) xx

  10. I really like your blog, so I've just submit it to Cosmopolitan Blog Award ! :)

  11. Hey I've just come across your blog and was instantly attracted to this post!! I LOVE the Mango range in Body Shop.. I worked there for about three years and was often given freebies and this range was always my first choice! :) Love your blog.. now following you xxx

  12. Ohhh I love the body shop so much, this post has made me crave a little shopping haul in there hehe :P I've never tried the mango range as I'm always drawn to their grapefruit stuff, but I'll deffo be having a whiff of the body butter next time I'm passing a store :)
    Love Holly x

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