Tuesday 13 August 2013

Available Now: Advertise With Cosmetic Crave!

Announcement alert!
As of Sunday 1st September 2013, monthly advertising options with Cosmetic Crave will be available to other blogs and small shops (providing the content is appropriate). 

I really hope that this opportunity appeals to some people and with three different types of advertising packages available each month, I hope that there is something in there to suit everybody's needs. Advertising is something that I have personally done quite a few times, both as an extremely new blogger when I first started out, and also as a not so new blogger as well. For reference the blogs that I have advertised on have been: Bonjour Belle, Tattooed Tea Lady, Couture Girl, and Birds Words. If I hadn't found it a valuable experience and worthwhile for my blog then I would not have continued to utilise the service other bloggers offer and I now hope to offer the same benefits to others.

All information can permanently be found in a new page that had has been added to the top of my blog (Advertising and Statistics) that will further explain the different packages, pricing and will also lay out all of my statistics that will be regularly updated - including follower numbers across various platforms and monthly page views too. If you choose a package, your blog will predominately be promoted via a linked button on the side of this blog, but can also be promoted through a linked mention at the bottom of every post, through a 'meet my advertisers' post on the 20th of every month, and also through Twitter.

Take a look at the new advertising page to see some more information, and if you would like to secure a package with Cosmetic Crave for September then please e-mail cosmeticcrave@gmail.com stating whether you would like a gold, silver or bronze package as soon as possible. 
Special Introductory Offer: all September packages 50% off regular prices.

Prices from as low as £1.00!
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