Sunday 4 August 2013

Nails: Jacava '8-Free' Nail Varnish | Candy Floss

The pictures are pants because I use natural light, and.. well.. there isn't any!

Any regular reader of this blog will be aware that I am a big nail varnish fan. My collection is becoming overwhelming and chaotically vast.. but here I am today to introduce to you a brand that is new to me, and potentially may be new to you too. Be warned though, this could be the beginning of a new obsession! 

Jacava London produce absolutely amazing quality nail varnishes with a unique '8-Free' formula; being free from all traces of Formaldehyde, Camphor, DBP, Toluene, Collophane, Parabens, Phthalates or Animal Ingredients. Wow, I definitely was not aware that there was so many ingredients that could be avoided in a nail varnish! The benefits of the absence of these ingredients helps to create a formula that will help to strengthen the natural nails and aid them in growing longer, faster. I doubt many people would pass up the option to use a nail varnish that will help with the strength and growth of nails!

Jacava '8-Free' nail varnish in 'Candy Floss'* is described as a deep blush of the sweetest candy pink, and I would agree that it is an attractive deep pink shade, rich in raspberry tones and a very flattering and sophisticated shade while still being bright and eye catching. The photos show the nail varnish after it has been applied with one coat and no top coat either! Amazed? I am. It's an incredibly opaque consistency and applied like a dream with a super glossy, almost patent-like finish to it.

If you're interested in supporting a quintessentially British brand where the entire product is designed and manufactured in the UK, with absolutely zero animal testing or ingredients, plus an absolutely stunning design (24 carat gold printing!), faultless formula and on top of all of that it's good for your nails too ..then Jacava is a direction to look in! I cannot speak highly enough of this brand. Yes, I'll admit that a bottle does cost quite a bit over the average price that I'd happily spend on a nail varnish, but the colour is gorgeous and you definitely do get what you pay for, especially as it is not damaging or weakening to the nail in any way. This '8-Free' nail varnish is nothing short of amazing. 

Jacava '8-Free' nail varnish is available from or for £14.50 / 12ml.

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* (c/o) Jacava

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  1. A pretty nice "cranberry/cream" color!:)

    Bye and a happy new week start!:)

    NIKA B.

  2. Oh wow that is gorgeous! And the bottle is so unique!


  3. Such a gorgeous colour and you have amazing nails!!

    Stacey xxx

  4. Your nails are a lovely shape, love this colour!x

  5. Aw What a lovely colour! Most of my polishes are pinks and I just keep adding! You can never have too many :p

    Kerry X

  6. This is pretty expensive but sounds like a really great brand :)! Lovely colour too, I'll have to check them out!
    Lydia Rose

  7. oooh this looks simply heavenly! The packaging is gorgeous, bet that lovely tall lid makes application so much easier! the colour looks amazing on you, can't believe there's no top coat!

    SinĂ©ad | ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  8. One coat and no top coat? I'm definitely curious. If shipping costs aren't outrageous, I'll need to try this brand. :P

    ☮ Melli { Casual Beauty }

  9. This is a lovely colour,
    sickly pinks are my favourite

  10. Lovely colour. Great to know there are more british nail polish brands out there! :)

  11. Hannah..

    Found Your Blog on SheSaidBeauty, where I was looking for some particular product review. I am a Fashion Blogger from India. I must tell you.. You have such a lovely blog!! especially product directory that you made is so useful. I have just twitted you too from my Blog handle @myfashionvilla Stay in touch...

    Keep it up Girl..

  12. Such a gorgeous colour! And I love the bottle design x

  13. I really like the fact that its animal cruelty free etc - not many nail polish brands can say this! The colour is stunning xxx

  14. This is amazing!!!! I was hooked just by the colour but I love that it's 8-free!!


  15. woah that's such a pretty colour! And that's amazing that it's made in the UK AND it's cruelty free?!?! Whaat that is so awesome ah, I wish they sold it in the u.s..

  16. Wow, that's crazy! I had heard of "3-free" nail polishes, but "8-free"??! What are brands putting in those??? Anyway, this colour looks so lovely, these are now definitely on my wish list! xx

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