Monday 26 August 2013

BeauteCo. Box (August) | Review and First Impressions

Helloo. Today's post is on a fairly new beauty box subscription service from BeauteCo., and I promise you that it is not just another fad and waste of time - this one really is good! I do have to say that I've only had the box a couple of days and have only had a first impressions feel for the products included, but it is definitely good value and there's nothing within the box that has disappointed or that I feel I won't use at some point. BeauteCo. offer a little 'menu' and a choice of boxes in their boutique that you can choose from each month, although the choice is not as vast as I first thought. For this August box the only variation between the three boxes available is the item from the brand Melvita. With the options of a hand cream, a body milk or a floral water atomiser from Melvita, I opted for the floral water as I have enough of the other products to last me a lifetime! (I chose box #2). 

You can cancel your subscription whenever you wish, and every month you receive an e-mail letting you know that the new boxes have launched and you can make your choice of which one you'd like. Each box is £10 per month, plus a reasonable postage and packaging price. 

5 products in the box: 
- Arran Aromatics Lavender and Tea Tree Facial Gel Wash | 100ml Full Size
- Lord & Berry Kiss Proof Lip Colour Pencil '#6415 Blossom' | Full Size
- Lord & Berry Intensity Lipstick in 'Peach Gleam' | Full Size
S5 Calm Serum for Redness & Sensitive Skin | 10ml Mini
- Melvita Eau de Fleurs d'Oranger / Orange Blossom Floral Water | 28ml sample

I'm happy with the Lavender and Tea Tree Facial Wash from Arran Aromatics, despite it being a brand that I have not heard of previously, but it smells really calming and herbal based - just like you would expect from a lavender and tea tree wash, and it contains antibacterial properties which is ideal for spot prone skin. It contains exfoliating loofah that exfoliates the skin whilst also cleansing and toning. I'd say that this maybe isn't one for dry skin, but I'm looking forward to putting it's spot fighting claims into action! (link)

Ooh Lord & Berry! A make up brand that I've heard so much about and have always been interested to try. Just these two full sized make up items alone make the cost of the box worthwhile, with the Intensity Lipstick costing £12.00 and the Kiss Proof Lip Colour costing £7.50. The lipstick comes in a beautiful nude shade 'Peach Gleam' that I'm not sure I can pull off because it's not really 'me' but I do think the colour is lovely and hope I can make it work as the formula is gorgeous: enriched with macadamia oil for moisturisation, and offers an intense and long lasting colour. The Lip Pencil can be used as a liner but can also be blended to use as a full lip colour that seals to a matte finish in just 30 seconds. (Don't fear that I haven't swatched the lipstick colour, I wanted to do a full post on it very soon with better pictures and a more thorough review!).

I've not tried the S5 Calm Serum at all yet as I'm currently trialing another one for review purposes, but as this one is for redness and sensitive skin I have a feeling it'll be right up my street. There was no need for the sample to be much bigger than the 10ml that was given anyway because it'll probably last an eternity. This is a targeted soothing treatment for sensitive skin with marine bioactives to reduce the appearance of redness and any signs of skin hyper reactivity - sounds good! You can buy a 10ml bottle the same as this one for £10.00 from Beauty Bay (link).

Mmm.. this Melvita orange blossom floral water is a good'un! It's a spritzer spray that can be used on the face and body and is rich in naturally active ingredients that have calming, softening and refreshing properties. It smells absolutely amazing, like zingy citrus fruits so is great to refresh and perk up lagging skin. (£16.00 / 200ml. 28ml sample worth £2.24)

3 bonus products: 
- Headline Colors Nail Varnish in 'Glamour' | 10ml Full Size
- Eve of St Agnes Rose Body Balm 'Rose and Mango Butter' | 30ml Full Size 
- The Green Balm Moa 100% Natural Healing Balm | 15ml Mini

After hearing about this box from Kayleigh's blog, she shared the code FRIEND07 that gives all new subscribers to BeauteCo 2 extra bonus product in their first box. I actually got three bonus products with my box - 2 full size and one mini that alone is worth £5.00! (You can still use the code FRIEND07 to get yourself these extra bonus products from me referring you too).

The Headline Colors nail varnish is a 10ml bottle which is full size and a limited edition shade from the brand that costs £9.00 for this far from captivating looking bottle. I'm sorry, but on first impressions I thought that it was a cheap and nasty looking brand (I've never heard of them before!), plus I'm not 100% sold on the colour, even though I probably will still try it out and give it a go. I'm impressed that a full size product worth £9.00 was added to the box as a freebie bonus. 

The Eve of St Agnes Balm was one that I dismissed at first, but it is actually one of my favourite products from the box and you can find out more about it here: (link). This is one of their handy 30ml tins (£6.00) made from 100% natural ingredients. It is a soothing balm that melts at body temperature into an oil and nourishes dry skin - I've been loving it for elbows! It contains shea butter, mango butter and calendular oil, and it really is lovely. 

This teeny 15ml pot from The Green Balm (link), called Moa is a healing balm ideal for skin irritations such as psoriasis, eczema, bites, grazes and minor burns. I've not had the opportunity to use this yet but it could make a helpful handbag essential and save the day in some kind of crisis. You never know when something like this could come in handy. I'm going to slip it into a pocket of my handbag for 'just in case' moments. 

I can't express how good value for money this subscription box really is. The boxes that I've been subscribed to in the past haven't really been worth it and have been a similar price point but just stuffed with small sample sachets, but this one is brimming with full size and good quality products. I'm especially excited to now own a Lord & Berry lipstick and I'm looking forward to trying to rock a nude lip colour! 

I totaled up the exact cost of the EIGHT products that come in this box
£12.95 + £12.00 + £7.50 + £10.00 + £2.24
+ £9.00 + £6.00 + £4.99
For a £10.00 box, that's pretty darn amazing!

BeauteCo. Box - August 2013 | £10.00 + p&p - Link
Don't forget your FRIEND07 code.
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  1. This box looks seriously good! I've never really been into beauty boxes but this one looks fab! xx

  2. I get a Glossybox every month and I love it! But this box looks really good! :) I really want to try some Lord Berry cosmetics!


  3. This looks amazing! Will definitely check out their site :)


  4. I just cancelled my Glossybox and signed up for this! xx

  5. Thank you so much for checking out my blog! :) This box looks really good, and I like the color of the lip pencil. It looks great for fall! I can't believe the price for this- it's looks like an awesome value!

  6. I really want to try some Lord Berry stuff, it looks amazing xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  7. Ohhhh WOW!! I've been looking into this for a while and debating whether or not to have a go! This post has just sold it for me haha! Lovely blog hun. following xxx

  8. I'm so tempted to sign up to this but I know that my budget won't allow me to haha x

  9. This looks awesome! It looks like they only ship within the UK, so until they go international I'll just live vicariously through your reviews :-)

  10. I am loving the look of this box currently and I am dying to sign up but may have to wait till payday. Will the offer for the extra products still work then? Lovely reviews.
    Becka! :)

  11. Hello,
    The plastic boxes are too good and easy to carry and use.These are used as cosmetic boxes or as the make-up kit.Also these are too strong.

  12. This box is amazing! You received some great products, I'm really interested in the MOA balm and the Lord and Berry make up. I'm definitely going to subscribe to this!

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