Wednesday 21 August 2013

Real Techniques Brushes: Expert Face Brush

Helloo! Welcome to my long awaited review of the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush* - a post that should have been published about 3 weeks ago, but due to endless schedule shuffling hasn't managed to make it's way live until today. Such a chaotic life I lead.. 

The love I have for the Real Techniques brushes isn't a secret, and is shared by many people everywhere. Most of us know the basics with these brushes now: designed by one half of the Pixi Woo sisters (Sam Chapman), made with synthetic taklon bristles so that they don't suck up and absorb all of your product, wash like a dream, and have colour coded handles depending on which 'category' they belong to - BaseFinish and Eyes. As an extra, they have a flat bottom handle so that they're self-standing on your dresser and they're just really lightweight, easy to use, fantastic quality and deserve all of the hype that they receive.

The Expert Face brush belongs to the BASE category and I use it for the sole purpose of applying liquid foundation. It has taken the top spot away from the Buffing Brush, which was once previously used for this purpose, and I now much prefer the Expert Face brush. The head of the Expert Face brush is smaller, and is a little wider that the Buffing Brush; think of an oval compared to a circle. Instead of buffing liquid foundation into the skin with circular motions, I instead use more of a 'painting' motion across the skin and this smaller brush head gives a much more precise and controllable application, but it is still quick, easy and flawless!

The Expert Face brush is quite comparable to the Buffing Brush and they perform similarly, so I would advise people wanting to try the Buffing Brush who do not want to spend £20+ on the Core Collection (the only way you can get the Buffing Brush), that the Expert Face brush would be a good alternative purchase, especially as it is just one single brush and if that's the only one that you're looking to use then it makes more sense than paying more for a full set!

Annoying for a lot of beauty lovers worldwide, a lot of stockists of Real Techniques don't ship internationally, leaving many potential fans deprived! A new site My Pretty Face Place has got the answer to this though and ships the likes of RT brushes, ELF, and NYX to anywhere in the world! And for a bargain price too! They stock the Expert Face brush currently for just £4.57 - wow! (link) (Plus p&p which is about £4 according to the online currency converter I used!). If you're a resident of one of the countries unable to get hold of Real Techniques then check out their site here.

Also, My Pretty Face Place have offered my readers an exclusive discount code for the month of August. Using the code 08cosmeticcrave15 all of you can get 15% off any purchase from their site, including the Real Techniques brushes! 

Thanks for reading!
Have you tried the Expert Face Brush?
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  1. I love the expert fact brush - it's completely changed the way I view applying foundation!


  2. The expert face brush without a doubt is my best brush purchase ever - it really is incredible for applying foundation, I can't see myself changing it for a long time! :)
    Simply-Abbi xx

  3. I'm the opposite way round to you, i used to love the expert brush with my liquid foundation until i tried it with the buffing brush and so now the buffing brush it my fave for my base!! I love real techniques!

  4. I use this brush without fail :) I'd like to try the buffing brush but don't feel like I need to now I have this :) xx

  5. I absolutely love the expert face brush! My make up wouldn't look the same without it
    Advise everyone who hasn't got it to definitely buy it!
    Great review. x

  6. I love these brushes. Do you have any others? xx

  7. Love my Real Techniques brushes!! Will need to try this one out!


  8. I love the RT brushes but this one i cant really find a proper use for. I just cant get it to apply foundation easily, too in love with the buffing brush! I do quite like it for applying cream products like bronzer though x

  9. I now definitely want to add this one to my collection!


  10. Im looking for a new brush to apply my foundation so this looks interesting!

  11. I've been using this alot more recently too! I like it for fuller coverage foundations! xx

  12. I love using this brush with my Mac Studio Sculpt foundation, it's amazing!

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  13. I love RT brushes but I don't have the expert face brush, I think I definitely need to invest!X

  14. I love the expert face brush! I swap between the two (expert & buffing) find different foundations work better with different brushes! The RT brushes are worth all the hype! Everyone should give them a go!


  15. I got these to use on clients and they are amazing. I have to get some for myself now haha

  16. I'm excited to buy some Real Techniques brushes when I go shopping this weekend! I have to ask...what nail polish are you wearing in these pictures? It looks so pretty!

    xo, Pareasa
    The FAB Journal

  17. I wish try this brushes' s mark!

  18. I love this brush, love using it for blush or foundation :-)

    Love, Christine♥

  19. I finally caved and bought this brush a few weeks ago and I love it. I had previously used a flat foundation brush to put on my liquid makeup and I like this SO much better.


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