Friday 27 September 2013

Back to Uni: What's In My Bag?

Bit late to the party (as per) but I wanted in on the 'Back to School' trend, so I thought I'd adapt and do a 'Back to Uni' style post, in the form of a 'What's In My Bag?'. This is my very first ever What's In My Bag post that I've done, so I hope that it goes down well with all you nosy parkers who like to spy into people's bag contents, and for anybody who likes 'Back to *insert educational institution*' posts too. Enjoy!

I'm just starting my 3rd and final year at University, and instead of living in halls or a shared house like I did for my 1st and 2nd years, I am now travelling from home and making a daily commute via train. This was a personal decision, but it is mostly down to this being the cheaper option and it enables me to keep my current part-time job as well. Downside: I have to carry half of my life around in a giant bag all day (including a packed lunch!)

This is what I lug onto a train with me everyday and use to get through a 7am-7pm day *sob*. 

First things first is of course my phone (iPhone 4), a.k.a my lifeline! No, not just because I like to keep up to date with Twitter and Instagram all day, but because I also have my whole life planned out in the calendar, notes, and reminders sections. It's my personal planner for everything related to work, uni, my blog and general life appointments!

Then I've got my purse, that is actually a 'phone case wallet' that I got for just a couple of quid from eBay (link). It took forever to arrive but I love the colours of it and it doubles as a handy phone case complete with slots in the case for chargers/headphones. In my purse are an assortment of essential debit cards, points cards, discount cards and ID for day to day life, plus a bundle of train tickets - and it's only been week one!

I hope nobody reading this is planning to mug me, because I carry around a hefty amount of electronic equipment. Sadly, there's no iPad or other tablet in this bag, but I do carry my Netbook to take lecture notes with (it's a lot more compact than 6 folders of paper), as well as my Kindle to keep me entertained during the 2+ hours of travel time. Plus all of the bits and bobs that I need for uni, like seminar work, pens and an adorable notepad covering in Dolly Mixture! Aw! (It's from Staples and it was flipping expensive, but I just couldn't resist it).

Above, is the damage that occurred when I nipped into Superdrug to buy a bottle of Fanta! Thankfully, I was in a rush so was well restrained, but I did still buy two more lipsticks than I needed! One is a new Deluxe lipstick from Collection in 'Prohibition', and the other is one of the new Little Mix lipsticks (also from Collection). I got Jesy's colour - a bright orangey red. I'm sure you'll see posts on both of these coming up soon!

Then we've got a mix of the essentials, plus the bits that end up lurking around the bottom of any bag! ..My keysheadphones, chewing gum, bobbles, clips, and a couple packets of paracetamol.

Then of course, some handy beauty bits: Bath & Body Works Pocketbac hand sanitiser (Freshly Picked Strawberries), Soap & Glory Hand Food, Burts Bees Mango Lip Balm and Maybelline Baby Lips. Also a few easy lip colours for an emergency top up: Bourjois Color Boost in Orange Punch and Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie. As well as a freebie mirror from Pandora. And it continues.. mini dry shampooTangle Teezer and a bottle of Soap & Glory Mist You Madly body mist.

And I wonder why my back hurts at the end of the day?

Admittedly, my bag is only this clean, tidy and organised because I have just started back at uni this week and it has all recently been sorted out. Give it a month or so and this bag will be littered with sweet wrappers, Primark receipts, tickets and random sheets of paper that may or may not be important ..but I'll never know.

Thanks for reading!
What's in your bag?

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  1. Oh my gosh you are just like me! I carry around my life in my purse but you have a lot more stuff than I do (nicer stuff I mean (: ) great post!

  2. Very cute Hun that phone case/purse is fabulous I adore the colours. I'm in love with colour boost crayon too. Wish I could do a post like this but all I carry around is nappies and baby wipes! Pahah!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  3. I loved reading this post! In love with your sweet notebook, i cant believe your phone case is from ebay its lovely! Good luck with your daily commute and your last year :) xx

  4. I have also just bought the collection lipstick in that colour..I love it :) love the bag! xx

  5. love your blog, followed oxox

  6. Love these posts, im too nosy to resist them :)

    Frankie xXx

  7. I love this post. Have been meaning to do one myself but haven't had the chance to get my bag sorted and get - like you said - the sweet wrappers etc out. Will def do one soon though :-)

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  8. I just ordered one of those purses, what a genius idea! :)

    Chelsea x
    Love in Modern Life

  9. OMG you're so organised!! I need to take inspiration from you big time!!!😃

  10. Enjoy your final year.
    I love these types of posts because I am so nosy! :)

  11. I've just started uni and I love it!
    Love this post!! :)
    I always need loads of lip products in my bag too haha.
    alicekatex ♥

  12. 'I hope nobody reading this is planning on mugging me' haha! :)

    Great post, I have a similar amount of stuff in my handbag and by the end of the week I find an old banana or a used fruit shoot bottle (my sons) lol xx

  13. I loved reading this post! There's always something exciting about a what's in my bag post.

    I'd love to see what apps you use on your iPhone, particularly if you have any productivity apps.

    Rosy Whispers
    Georgia xo

  14. This post has reminded me to add a mini dry shampoo to my college bag, its a must!

  15. I love these types of posts! Im exactly the same popped into Boots yesterday just to buy some lunch and came out with a new concealer and cream blusher.... ooopsy!

  16. I absolutely LOVE what's in my bags posts/videos. I enjoy seeing what people carry in their bags. :)

  17. Wow you've got a lot in your bag compared to mine! :) x


  18. Ah I feel your pain! I also commute to Uni, I drive 40 miles to get there, and I also take lots with me! My phone, folders, textbooks, snacks, headphones, iPhone. I'm thinking of getting an Ipad to entertain myself, as traffic makes me get there earlier! xxx

  19. Love this post!! I am literally so nosy that I love what other people have lurking in their handbags! Really need to try out the Burts Bees lip balm!!

    Louise xxx

  20. Your purse is so cute, love it. I really enjoyed this post. Hope your final year goes well.

  21. Lovely post! I carry my life with me everywhere I go as well! I love your notebook! :)


  22. I cant get over how cute that notebook is! I fell in love

  23. Lovely post! I really want to try the Revlon Butter in Berry Smoothie - i think it's perfect for Autumn :)

  24. I love this! I'm also going into my third year of uni! I want to do one of these posts now! I feel bad that you have to carry all of that around all day, I'm forever trying to take things out my bag so it's not as heavy but always end up putting it back in haha! Your notebook is so cute! xxxx

  25. I've just started my third year too - aaaah! what bag is that, it's so gorgeous! xx

  26. I really like this post :) why is it so interesting to see what's in people's bags?! Haha x

  27. Oh my, you carry so much stuff with you!!

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