Saturday 7 September 2013

Skin Miracle Worker: Vitage Vitamin C Skin Radiance Serum

Aloha, nice to see you again. If you read my August Favourites post a couple of days ago then you may have already read a brief run down of my thoughts on the Vitage Vitamin C Skin Radiance Serum*, but seeing as though I've been loving it so much I thought I'd do a more thorough and in depth post about it. This isn't the sort of thing you'd purchase on a whim, so I'd like to offer a little bit of input to anybody doing some research on this particular product, or just anyone looking to add a little oomph into their skincare. 

Like I mentioned in my favourites post, I was kindly sent this serum as a little surprise extra along with a similar radiance mask from the same brand, and my first thoughts were not filled with enthusiasm. No negative thoughts; I'm just not much of a serum appreciator. I've always thought that moisturising twice a day was enough for my little face, and using a pre-moisturiser to make my moisturiser 'work better' was a money-making con used by skincare brands! (And maybe it actually is for most, but Vitage has got themselves a new fan in the form of yours truly). 

If you're interested in really investing in your skincare, and spending a bit of money on something that will really work then Vitage is a good place to start. Their 'Advanced Antioxidant Skincare' is packed full of innovative ingredient technology that helps to preserve, improve and protect the skin - providing both immediate and long term skin benefits. 

For the serum it's pretty standard procedure with the consistency being thin and much runnier than a moisturiser, lightweight and almost like a gel that sinks in quickly to feel invisible on the skin's surface. One pump is enough to cover the whole face, with a little bit left over for the neck too. I use this every morning (before Origins Gin Zing moistuiser) and also in the evening (before Vichy Normaderm night cream) and even from the very first use I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin surface appearance, so I continued to regularly use the product and noticed continual improvements with each use. My skin is by no means perfect and is heavily scarred, especially around my mouth (very obvious in photos from my John Frieda Frizz Ease post), so even though I'm only 20 I do still keep a look out for products that will firm, tighten and brighten the skin - mostly why I've been looking more and more at anti-aging skincare recently!  

This radiance serum works more like a skin treatment, as opposed to just a moisture booster. It is suitable for all skin types and it is enriched with potent Hyaluronic Acid to rehydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (I personally don't need the latter benefits specifically, but I wouldn't turn down a little extra plumping up and diminishing of deeply set scars). It also contains encapsulated, time-released Vitamin C to energize and brighten the skin, as well as firming agents from the Argan Tree (what we do without these Argan Trees?!) that can further tighten the skin and improve skin clarity. Woah - these claims sounding amazing yet? It gets better though, because these claims are actually lived up to (..and I would expect nothing less for the price of this little bottle!). 

This Vitamin C Radiance serum is very pleasant to use, and it does offer an immediate brightening and tightening to the skin, and these are the most noticeable benefits of the serum. It also deeply hydrates and plumps the skin, adding a refreshing and revitalising boost. Extra bonus feature: the serum also helps to protect against environment damage and has long lasting effects on general health of the skin with regular and continued use. 

So if you're anything like me and need some skin rejuvenation and an extra added boost to your complexion, then I would suggest taking a look at Vitage's Vitamin C serum - especially now that it is on offer for a special discounted price (I didn't ever say that it was cheap!). 

Vitage Vitamin C Skin Radiance Serum - £51.00 / 28ml | LINK
(Current special price: £38.00)

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  1. oh the pump bottle is soo cute!and this seems a promising product although it's a bit too pricey for me :|

    Cj of

  2. it sounds really good, I know my complexion could do with a boost :-)I will have to put it on my wishlist!

  3. I have never ever considered using serums before moisturisers, but this sounds like a really really good product and it seems to be worth the splurge, i may just have to try! xx


  4. This sounds lovely! A bit pricey but i find most serums are on that kind of price range, with the special offer it's not so bad! x

  5. I should really get this! I can't eat oranges because I'm allergic so I probably lack in vitamin C! haha!

    Kerry X

  6. This sounds amazing! I was sent a Vitage Vitamin C radiance mask to try out and it was brilliant, left my skin feeling so nice. It's not a brand I'd have ever thought to try before, but would definitely look into buying into more of their products! x

  7. It’s soo pricey but it really does sound so good! I love that it’s lightweight too!x

  8. This is a little pricey but sounds like it could be worth it. May have to add this to my wishlist! Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. Great post, sounds like a real treat :)


  10. Hello! I like this very much, freshly I have been checking out vitamin A (and specifically retinol A in its purest form, a bit like this) for its amazing belongings on the skin, too. This merchandise looks really interesting, so thanks.
    I have shadowed you, as a new blogger, and would love to contented you to pop by to my blog too whenever you like!
    Vitamin C Serum for men


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