Friday 20 September 2013

Meet My Advertisers: September

So exciting! Cosmetic Crave now offers advertising packages!

Welcome to my very first 'Meet My Advertisers' post and the bunch of lovely ladies that opted in with me for the month of September. They've all been sitting in my side bar for the past couple of weeks and will be there until the end of the month, so don't forget to take a look at them if you haven't already! Hopefully you do have a read of them all and have a little click over to their blogs because I assure you there's some gems to be found in there. Especially make sure you take note of my Gold Advertiser, Lydia Rose, because I have high expectations of her being a rising star in the blogging world, she's a natural! And she's also local to the small town where I live so of course I have all the support in the world for her.


Lydia Rose” is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog where I share my beauty obsessions, fashion loves, thoughts, inspirations and whatever else I feel like throwing in. I’m a 19 year old Literature student, obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell, my miniature pomeranian, red lipstick, and vintage clothes! I’ve only just started my blog so would really love for you to head over and let me know what you think! xo

Emily -

Hello! I'm an 18 year old English Languge student from the UK who loves all things beauty related so I decided to start to write about it.  From my blog you will see lifestyle, beauty and the odd fashion post. 

Karen -

Hi there I'm Karen.  I'm a nail technician and beauty therapist who has a You Tube Channel for nail tutorials for everyone to do (along with hints and tips) and a jolly daily blog where I review products with a little bit of humour and a lot of honesty.  Why not come and pay me a visit?  I'll put the kettle on.

If you could like my You Tube channel (

and my blog ( that would be great.

Tasha -

Hi, I’m Tasha, a student from the North East and the face behind Hello Freckles.
Hello Freckles doesn’t really fit just one genre as I write about whatever interests me; from fashion posts, OOTDs, beauty posts and reviews, music posts (I do a monthly ‘Playlist’ of what songs have been my favourites) cinema reviews and lifestyle posts about the things I get up to. I’d love for you to come and say hi! 
Claudia -

Hey, I'm Claudia and I write the blog Beauty and the Chic. I am obsessed with anything beauty related and have a very unhealthy obsession with fashion magazines. I write all about beauty and fashion products and throw in a lifestyle post every now and again to mix it up a bit. I also have a YouTube channel where I post make-up and hair tutorials. I hope you enjoy my little space on the net lovelies!

Melissa -

Hey guys I'm Melissa, you can catch my blog at I only started blogging about a month ago and I just LOVE it! Don't know why I didn't start one earlier!! I'm 26 and I have worked in the beauty industry for 6 years now.  I love working with cosmetics, its my passion in life, and now I get to share my passion with you all. 
Twitter: @Stubbsyy
Instagram: @Melly124

I hope you enjoy finding some new blogs to read!

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