Thursday 19 September 2013

September Love Me Beauty Box (Formerly BeauteCo.)

Brand new beauty box subscription company BeauteCo. that I raved in great detail about after receiving their August box last month (BeauteCo August Box post) has now had bit of rebranding and has changed their name to Love Me Beauty. I'm unsure of why they've changed their name, or if there's much difference in the company aside from their new name, but what I do know is that they have kept their game up and delivered once again with fantastic contents in their September box. 

This pay monthly subscription box costs £10.00 each month, plus a postage cost of £2.95. I'm sure that this is the standard cost that most beauty sub boxes cost these days, and I think it is the same price as GlossyBox and BirchBox(?). However, instead of receiving a box stuffed full of cheap items, 5ml tubes or sample sachets, Love Me Beauty pulls out all the stops to impress and you receive 5 full size products every month.

As well as 5 full size products, they also open a boutique at the beginning of the month so that you can choose from a selection of three different boxes, all with a slight variety of products inside. I opted for Menu 2 in my box, because I liked the look of the cooling foot balm from Nip+Fab. 

The products inside box number two are:
Anatomicals 'puffy the eye bag slayer' Revitalising Eye Mask
- Nip+Fab 'Stiletto Fix' Foot and Leg Balm
- Murad Osmolyte Tonic
- Essential Care Lemon and Tea Tree Facial Wash
- Matriskin Collagen Serum 

As you can see, there are quite a range of products in there, but all are good quality beauty products and brands. I'm unfamiliar with Essential Care and Matriskin, but I'll try out the collagen serum to see if it makes an effect on my deep set scars, and an organic tea tree face wash will be on hand for any break out nightmares. I love Murad as a brand and I really trust their products. Although 'Osmolyte Tonic' sounds a bit baffling to us non-science obsessives, it is a moisture mist that also infuses the skin with essential nutrients - sounds good. The 'Stiletto Fix' from Nip+Fab sounds promising for relieving fatigued feet at the end of a long day, and I've always wanted to try something from Anatomicals. It looks like such a fun brand and I love their quirky rambles on the packaging. How funny is 'puffy the eye bag slayer' for a name?! This is a gel eye mask that can be used hot or cold to soothe puffy eyes. I've already had it on this evening, and although I looked like a bit of a numpty, it did feel nice on my eye area!

When each product averages out at just £2.00 each, there's no way that you can complain! I wouldn't have gone out and bought each of these individually, but all of them do appeal to me and I will get use from all of them. Look out for future mini reviews of any stand out products from the box!

Love Me Beauty Subscription Box - £10.00 /month plus postage | Link

What do you think of the Love Me Beauty box concept?

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  1. Wow super impressed with this box, look at all those fab products! Full size too. Amazing
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

    1. I'm impressed too! It definitely makes it special that all products are full size :) xxx

  2. What a great box! x

    Check out my giveaway - win a MAC lipstick of your choice!

  3. That looks brilliant- most look nearly ful sized!


  4. It is a really nice box and there is a good variety of products in it which is nice :)

    Ila x

  5. Wow this looks like one of the best boxes I've seen. Tempted to get one myself!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. I've actually got my August Beauteco/Love Me Beauty box at the post office depot waiting to be picked up.... hopefully it's still there! I'm awful at going to get things from the depot when I'm not in to receive them. I was super impressed with the July box. However their new site is still just as annoying to use as the old one. Once you log in it's so tricky to figure out how to pick your box. It needs a big bold button straight away saying 'Select your box now!' or something. Plus every time I try and log in, it doesn't remember my password so I have to request a new one.

    But I'm more impressed content-wise with these guys than I am Glossy or Birch, so I might stick with them for a while.

    Good review, I need to crack on and get my Sept order in before these all get snapped up!

    Victoria |

  7. Fab box, I'm really keen on trying 'Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer' just because I love the name. I'm a sucker for quirky marketing! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  8. I really like how you can pick and choose which menu suits you best!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  9. This looks fab :D (love the name of the eye mask, hehe)

    I may have to give this box a try

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  10. Very impressive as usual.. But Hannah, beside these cosmetics don't u think that beauty supplements could help out in a safe and natural way!



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